Weifang became the world's first LED street lamp covering the city

On June 1, Weifang Semiconductor Lighting (LED) Product Exhibition was held in the multi-functional conference hall of No. 4 Changhua Road, Shinan Road, Qingdao City. Weifang City was equipped with 30,000 of China Microelectronics (Weifang) Co., Ltd.盏LED street light, and become the world's first full LED street lamp coverage city.

Zhongweiguang Electronics (Weifang) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech multinational company that produces semiconductor light source devices. The company has launched a series of high-quality high-power LED street lamps with independent intellectual property rights. The street lamps have an average of 50,000 hours. Fault, starting time is less than 50ms, starting current is small, power efficiency is greater than 90%, with unique illumination light path design, no light pollution, glare phenomenon, no stroboscopic. This kind of street lamp is highly efficient, energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly, with high reliability and reasonable light distribution, which enhances the image of the city. In 2008, sales at home and abroad were installed at 50,000 baht.

In 2008, the city installed 20,000 baht in the urban area, saving 12 million kWh in that year and saving 9 million yuan in electricity. Weifang has already installed 30,000 square meters of such street lamps, basically achieving full coverage, and the city has become the world's first LED city.

The relevant person in charge of the Urban Construction Bureau of the High-tech Zone said that if 300,000 traditional street lamps are all switched to Zhongwei LED street lamps, the annual electricity consumption will be about 440 million kWh, saving 176,000 tons of coal, saving 1.76 billion liters of clean water and reducing 120,000 dust emissions. Tons, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 439,000 tons, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 13,000 tons, and an average annual maintenance cost of about 210 million yuan.

If the new roads use LED street lights, then each 10,000 street lamps can save about 28 million yuan in copper cable savings, and save about 14.8 million yuan in transformer investment. At the same time, it can save more than 70% of electricity bills and save electricity costs of about 14.46 million yuan per year. , saving maintenance costs of 7 million yuan.

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