In the new century, the company will enter the Korean Samsung LED TV supply chain, and Q1 will have a bright performance.

New Century Optoelectronics (3383) optimistic about the LED TV market, active layout, the market has received Lumens orders, and began shipping in March, successfully entered the South Korean Samsung LED TV supply chain. It is understood that LG orders have also been reached, it is expected that Q2 will begin to ship, the revenue of the new century March is expected to challenge a new monthly high, Q1 will have a bright performance.

In the new century, the revenue in February was NT$130 million, an increase of 112.41% year-on-year. The accumulated revenue for January-February was 276 million yuan, a substantial increase of 188.17%. The initial profit in February was nearly 50 million yuan. outstanding. With the start of new orders, March revenue is expected to rise, creating a new monthly high.

The legal person is optimistic about the performance of the new century in 2010. Under the simultaneous growth of blue and green LED products, it is estimated that the revenue of the new century will exceed 2 billion yuan in 2010, double the number in 2009.

In response to the demand for orders, the new century will allocate about 2 billion capital expenditures. It is expected that there will be 9 sets of machines in the first half of the year and 10 more in the second half of the year. The company will also build two new plants, the first new plant will be put into operation in March, when the total capacity will be greatly expanded from the current 20,000 pieces to nearly 70,000 pieces.

Related stock price 2010/03/15 - 13:41 New Century TWD 46.50 (-0.85%)

Porcelain Station Post Insulator according to IEC, ANSI and other standards are used in substations and related switching equipment. Station Post Ceramic Insulator are produced in single piece up to 2300 mm and can operate voltages up to 1100KV in stacked configuration. High Voltage Station Post Insulator are subjected to compression, cantilever and torsional loads during service. Station Post Insulator for high voltagr use semiconductor glazes, so you don't have to worry about salt deposits or corona discharges. 

Product Description 
1.Material: Porcelain
2.Improved contamination performance 
3.Widely applied to the line of different voltage classes
4.With features of good insulation performance
5.Long lasting durability

Type C4-125
Creepage distance(mm) 430
Dry arcing distance(mm) 200
Cantilever strength(KN) 4
Tension Strength(KN) 38
Torsion strength(N.m) 800
Power frequency flashover wet voltage(KV) 50
Impulse withstand voltage(KV) 125
Net weight(KG) 9

ANSI Class TR-205 TR-208 TR-210
Creepage Distance/mm 394 610 940
Cantilever Strength/kn 8.9 8.9 8.9
Tensile Strength/kn 38 44.5 53
Torsional Strength/k.m 791 904 1130
Compression Strength/kn 44.5 44.5 66.7
Low Frequency Dry Flashover Voltage/kv 85 110 145
Low Frequency Wet Flashover Voltage/kv 55 75 100
Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage, Pos/kv 125 170 225
Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage, Neg/kv 200 250 290
Low Frequency Dry Withstand Voltage/kv 50 70 95
Low Frequency Wet Withstand Voltage/kv 45 60 80
Impulse Withstand Voltage/kv 110 150 200
Net Weight/kg 7 11 16
Applicable Standard ANSI C29.9 ANSI C29.9 ANSI C29.9

station insulatorC4-125station insulator TR205

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Station Post Insulator

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