KEMA quality certification is qualified for Asian LED verification test

KEMA Quality Certification recently announced that the company has become the world's first testing and certification body authorized by IECEE to conduct photobiosafety testing and verification reports for LED products in Asia. KEMA Quality Certification has expanded the testing and verification capabilities of the company's laboratories in Shanghai and Hong Kong to provide this service to customers in Greater China and Asia.

Mr. Gao Depei, spokesperson for KEMA Quality Certification China, said that this will undoubtedly help them greatly reduce the cost of test verification for Asian LED lighting manufacturers and retailers who plan to export their products to Europe and the world. Tests in Asia do not have language communication barriers, and there is no time difference, the verification efficiency will be greatly enhanced, which can greatly speed up the time to market. In addition, transportation costs can be significantly reduced by eliminating the need to ship samples to laboratories around the world.

KEMA Quality Certification Laboratories in Shanghai and Hong Kong are the first international certification bodies in Asia to obtain CBTL laboratory qualifications for LED lighting product certification bodies. They will be able to provide customers with the same KEMA quality certification laboratory instruments in the Netherlands and Italy. The testing of lighting products including LED light sources (including self-ballasted LED lamps), and testing is completed in Asia, the CB reports and certificates issued after the test will also be widely recognized by major certification bodies in the world.

KEMA Quality Certification Shanghai and Hong Kong laboratories are capable of testing according to IEC62471 and IEC/TR62471-2 standards. These two standards have been enforced by the IECEECB system and the European CCA and ENEC systems since November 1, 2009, especially for products using LED light sources.

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