What is the ground source heat pump air conditioner

What is the ground source heat pump air conditioner Ground-source heat pump air-conditioning is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly ground-source heat pump system. The heat source is a buried-tube soil-source heat pump system that is flexible and easy to control. It is also called a soil-coupled heat pump system. Specifically, buried pipes are used, and water is used as a cold heat carrier. The water circulates between the heat exchange pipes buried in the soil and the heat pump units to achieve heat exchange between the unit and the earth.

The circulating water in winter passes through the loop of high-density polyethylene pipe buried in the soil, absorbs heat from the soil, increases the temperature of the circulating water, supplies the ground source heat pump unit, and at the same time provides hot water from the heat pump unit, and radiates heat to the room through the floor. In summer, the circulating water discharges heat into the soil through the underground pipe, and reduces the circulating water temperature to the ground source heat pump unit. The chilled water is then provided by the heat pump unit and the room is cooled by fan coils.

The ground source heat pump system can make full use of the huge energy contained in the soil and lakes, recycle it, and realize the heating and cooling of buildings. As a result, operating costs are lower.

Ground source heat pump saves 40% energy compared with air-cooled heat pump and 70% energy than electric heating. Increased efficiency by 48% over gas stoves. The required refrigerant is reduced by 50% compared to a typical heat pump air conditioner.

Ground-source heat pump air-conditioning compared to the conventional central air-conditioning, central air-conditioning, floor heating, domestic hot water in one, using the most advanced European heat pump technology and HVAC technology, is the water quality air-conditioning, the most comfortable energy-saving air-conditioning, ground-source heat pump The implementation of a low-carbon economy is more suitable for sustainable human development. It is the development and utilization of renewable energy such as geothermal energy.

Ground-source heat pump air-conditioning ground-source heat pump air-conditioning technology is a low-temperature, low-level heat energy that is formed by using solar energy and geothermal energy absorbed by the shallow water sources (groundwater, rivers, rivers, lakes, and seas), and adopts a heat pump principle to output a small amount of power. A technology for realizing the transfer of low thermal energy to high thermal energy.

Ground-source heat pump air-conditioning uses a new source of renewable energy for energy conversion. Opens up a new way to use clean energy.

Compared with conventional central air conditioners, the effect is more stable. Only a small amount of electrical energy output can realize the conversion of low-level energy to high-level energy. It is cleaner and environmentally friendly, and realizes refrigeration, floor heating, and domestic hot water supply. It is stable and has a long operating life.

(Source: China Manufacturing Network)

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