Samsung Electronics unveiled 55-inch OLED TV production model for the first time

Recently, Samsung Electronics has released a mass production model that replaces the next-generation TV with existing LCD and LED TVs. Samsung Electronics said that the screen of the production model is 55 inches, and will soon be mass-produced and put into sale.

The product is based on a 55-inch OLED TV launched at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest home appliance show earlier this year, to improve menu structure, usage and performance. The sales price is about 11 million won, which is more than twice that of the highest-profile LED TV of the same class. According to Samsung Electronics, the pixels of OLED TVs have self-illuminating power, so the color is clearer than LEDs. When watching sports programs or 3D movies, it will bring quite realistic feelings.

The 55-inch model that was released that day has a "smart dual-view" function that allows two TVs to simultaneously play two full-screen images. This feature comes in handy if both of them watch the show. When the "smart double vision" function is activated, the TV screen will play two programs on top of each other. Samsung Electronics said it plans to launch in the second half of this year, but it is not certain whether it will be the third quarter or the fourth quarter.

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