Sensors - life can be smart everywhere

Sensors - life can be smart everywhere In the last two weeks, the major websites competed to report news about windows 8 sensors. This is also a clear change in the Windows operating system. According to Gavin Gear, project manager of the Device Connectivity Group at Microsoft's Windows 8, the Windows 8 has increased support for sensors. The Windows 8 sensor can ensure the battery life while adapting to the system environment.

In recent years, rapid development and progress of electronic automation industry to promote integrated smart sensor technology has become increasingly active development. Therefore, some well-known foreign companies and institutions of higher learning are also vigorously developing the development of integrated smart sensors. Some well-known domestic universities and research institutes and companies have also actively followed up. The integration of smart sensor technology has made remarkable development. Domestic smart sensors are gradually taking steps in the field of smart sensors. The PT600 series sensors produced by Xi'an Zhongxing Measurement and Control Co., Ltd. adopt international-class sensor cores, transmitter-specific integrated circuits and accessories, and use military product lines and processes with high precision. Good stability, low cost, high-performance microcontroller (MCU), and both digital and analog output modes, while targeting specific user needs (such as network measurement, custom communication protocol), can be in the original product Based on secondary development, the cycle is extremely short, saving time and improving efficiency for users. Has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, mining, machinery, dams, geology, hydrology and other industries to measure the pressure, differential pressure, flow and fluid height and weight of various gases and fluids.

The frying hot windows 8 sensor is very smart, and only the reported auto-adapting brightness function allows the user experience to show humanity. This function dynamically controls the brightness of the screen and automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the changing ambient light conditions, adapting to the ambient brightness, and ensuring the user's comfortable reading environment while saving battery life. In fact, this smart sensor has been used in many laboratory equipments such as soil temperature smart sensors and soil moisture smart sensors used in soil observation for plant cultivation, and CCD sensors for digital products. These sensors can be widely used in meteorology, ocean, environment, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, electricity, scientific research and other fields.

Relevant experts said that in the near future, only need to move their fingers to control households through mobile phones or computers; agricultural products can be monitored through sensors, which can effectively carry out irrigation and spraying pesticides, reduce costs and increase profits; Wear a small sensor to collect health data. Intelligent logistics, smart homes, fine agriculture, animal husbandry, smart medical care, intelligent transportation, environmental protection, industrial automation, financial services, and defense and military, the Internet of Things has enormous room for development and will have a profound impact on society.

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