Affected by the May Day holiday in the Mainland, Huaxing and Shunhong’s revenues declined in April.

Affected by the May Day holiday in the Mainland, Taiwan's LED packaging factories Huaxing and Shunhong's April revenues all showed a decline. Among them, Huaxing's consolidated revenue reached NT$148 million, a decrease of 10.93% month-on-month and 10.84% ​​year-on-year; the consolidated revenue of Yuhong in April has not been announced, but the non-consolidated revenue for the month reached NT$277 million, a decrease of 14.17 per month. %, annual reduction of 34.22%.

In addition to operating LED packaging, Huaxing is also a low-temperature lighting faucet for Taiwan's freezer cabinets. The products are LED Assembly, which accounts for 55% of revenue (including low-temperature lighting 35%, indoor lighting 13%, backlight 7%), followed by LAMP. 23%, SMD accounted for 13%, and Display accounted for 9%. Huaxing pointed out that the main factor affecting the company's revenue is still the low-temperature lighting with the largest revenue. The partial order of this product is not as late as before the end of April, so the income is deferred until May. The indoor lighting is gradually improving. The company is still actively engaged in various channels. In addition to mastering commercial lighting in Southeast Asia, such as factory offices and convenience stores, it is also actively exploring the major commercial channels in Taiwan in the period of rising electricity prices. You can see the hospital's lighting order contribution.

Huaxing said that even though the shipment of low-temperature lighting in April was slightly delayed and shipped to May, the company's utilization rate is currently maintained at 70-80%, except for low-temperature lighting orders for stable long-term orders. Visibility is high. At the end of the fourth quarter, the order visibility of other products was about 1.5 months. The overall second season was the peak season for the low-temperature lighting industry. The revenue for the quarter will also increase from the previous quarter. It is estimated that the combined revenue in the second quarter is expected to grow by about 15-20% from NT$364 million in the previous quarter.

The business project of Suihong is divided into two major categories of products: visible light and invisible light. Visible light products include LAMP, Display, SMD, etc., accounting for 62% of revenue; non-visible products are mainly infrared modules, accounting for 34% of revenue; other businesses account for about 4%. Yu Hong said that the mainland factory was affected by the May 1 holiday, and the shipment status of SMD products was not smooth. Therefore, some orders were deferred to May, and the current utilization rate was about 70%. The order visibility was about 1 month. Looking ahead to the second quarter revenue performance, it will grow from the first quarter of the operating valley, with an estimated increase of more than 10%.

Mass  PCB Assembly =  Mass Rigid Printed Circuit Board Assembly, which means quantity is big and need do big production assembly. For production PCB assembly job, the SMT assembly would all by machine and would do IPQC for checking the first sample quality to ensure the SMT line is reliable. Zhongfeng would manufacture the rigid PCB boards follow the design file, source the components follow the BOM file and do the PCB assembly job follow the assembly drawing and the pick&place file. After PCB assembly done, the components would be mounted on the PCB boards tightly and connected each other through the copper circuits. We call such board as PCBA board or mass PCBA board.


Depends on the components assembly types, it have THT PCB assembly, SMT PCB Assembly , one sided SMT and THT PCB assembly, two sided SMT and THT PCB assembly.


Depends on the PCB type, it have Rigid PCB Assembly, Flex PCB Assembly and Flex-Rigid PCB Assembly.


Also we would call some PCB assembly types as Prototype PCB Assembly, Mass PCB Assembly , Turnkey PCB Assembly, LED PCB Assembly and BGA PCB Assembly , etc.


With our 15years professional experience, we are available for all types of PCB assembly service from prototype to mass production, available for 01005, 0201, 0.3mm BGA, 0.3mm QFP.

PCB Assembly Capabilities


1 pcs - 1,000,000 pcs

Assembly type

SMT, THT or Hybrid

Parts procurement

Full turnkey (ZhongFeng provide all components)

Partial turnkey ( Customer provide the main components and ZhongFeng provide the rest)

Kitted (Customer provide all components)

Component types

SMT 01005, 0201, BGA 0.3mm pitch, QFP 0.3mm pitch, etc.


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