Don’t let planning be just “planning”

[Source: "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" July issue Editor's Message]

A few days ago, the State Council issued a notice on the "12th Five-Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Development", which mentioned that it is required to integrate existing resources, improve industrial concentration, and realize the industrialization of semiconductor lighting technology and equipment. Cultivate 10-15 leading enterprises with core technology, independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands; key production equipment and important raw materials to achieve localization, high-end application products to reach the world's advanced level, establish an internationally advanced testing platform, and build a batch Semiconductor lighting emerging industry clusters with perfect industrial chain, strong innovation capability and distinctive features will gradually promote semiconductor lighting products. After I saw it, I was very worried.

Most of the so-called high-end products are not high-tech, but use high-end foreign core components. The last time a equipment company made a new product, please go to visit. He told us that their control software used the US, the key parts of Russia, and said that for a long time, the feeling that your product is assembled, if This is also a new product, and the LED industry can produce new products every day.

Looking at the LED companies listed in the queue, many of them are rejected by the China Securities Regulatory Commission because the product technology is not up to standard and there is no continuous competitiveness, even if the listed LED company has many core technologies. We visited a lot of high-power LED driver manufacturers, their so-called patents only stayed in practicality, and its key AC-DC driver ICs did not have well-known manufacturers in China. LED lamps exported to Japan have been returned due to the use of domestic chips, and it is required to use chips from Nichia and Osram. Excluding trade protectionism, the quality of domestic chips does make foreign buyers less reassured.

Looking at the localization of key production equipment, we also feel that "Ya Li Shan Da", from the current point of view, do not talk about the vacuum evaporation of the key equipment of the new technology OLED, take MOCVD, the call for research is very high, but still I don’t see any company that successfully produced the news of domestic MOCVD equipment. Even if the prototype is out, I’m afraid that only the companies that have received government subsidies will try to take the scalp and try to take the domestic MOCVD. It is estimated that few people have a bottom in mind. Sapphire growth furnaces have produced a lot of domestic companies, but shipments are generally small. Most domestic manufacturers are still willing to buy foreign stoves at a high price because they are not worried about the stability of the mass production equipment of the mainland manufacturers.

In recent years, the country has helped the development of LED industry in mainland China through a series of encouraging policies. Although many achievements have been made, the most important standards have been delayed. Some people say that the development of LED is too fast, and the standards are outdated. There are some reasons for this, but the standard does not come out, and the chaotic situation of LEDs is still not over. LED lighting "playing each", driving the tragedy, the lamps have no standard mass production, to the end consumers, do not buy, the original price is high, there is no standard tell me which is good, the manufacturers are asking for the price, Then we don't buy it directly. A series of chain reactions came down and eventually returned to the price issue. The shoddy small business likes the current situation. Anyway, my LED lights are on. As for the brightness, there is no standard. It is not a big price. Some people buy it. Many companies that do low-end market are not incapable of Quality is done,
But it has gone up and there is no market.

From the current LED industry, the surface technology advancement is actually followed by the prevailing trend. Silicone everyone produces Dow Corning's alternative products. The display technology follows Barco. It publishes what we copy and can't copy it. Go on like this,
The "12th Five-Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Development" has become a "plan".

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