Industry and academia gather in Zhangjiang to explore the rise of new energy vehicles

Industry and academia gather in Zhangjiang to explore the rise of new energy vehicles

Recently, it was sponsored by China National Electronic Equipment Corporation, Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society, China Electronic Audio Industry Association, co-organized by Shanghai Pudong New Area Science and Technology Association, Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd., and organized by CLP Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd. The 7th (Shanghai) Automotive Electronics Forum was successfully held in Shanghai Zhangjiang.

The leaders present at the forum were Deputy Director Zhao Bo and Director Hou Jianren of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Director Lin Jing of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, Vice Chairman Ding Haitao of the Shanghai Pudong Association of Science and Technology, and Chen Lixin, Secretary of the China Electronic Audio Industry Association Long wait. Attracted vehicle, system and chip manufacturers including SAIC, United Automotive Electronics, Infineon, Freescale, Renesas, NXP, Tektronix, as well as development of in-vehicle systems such as Shinco, Hangsheng, Bluestar, Sanxin, etc. Practitioners came to give a speech, the atmosphere was warm, and the speaker interacted actively with the audience.

The theme summit of this forum discussed the national automobile electronics industry policy and development plan, the development of new energy vehicles, the development and application of automotive energy saving and emission reduction technologies, the development and application of power control systems, automotive safety systems, the AUTOSAR development platform, Application of TelemaTIcs technology in automobiles, development of core components such as battery technology, drive motor technology, formulation and implementation of in-vehicle multimedia standards, discussion of cooperation mechanisms and models in the automotive and electronics industries, discussions on simultaneous development models of automobiles and automotive electronics, industry Gather important issues such as development model innovation. Regarding the development of new energy vehicles, the development platform construction has aroused widespread attention, especially the attention of leading institutions like SAIC.

Two speeches, "Research and Development of Vehicle Lithium-ion Power Battery Management System" from Associate Professor Wei Xuezhe, College of Automotive Engineering, Tongji University, and Dr. Wu Liji, Institute of Microelectronics, School of Information, Tsinghua University, attracted widespread attention. As leaders and leaders in domestic automotive research, the two universities have considerable insights into research in related fields, and the participants felt greatly benefited.

In addition, the forum also has three sub-forums including automotive electronics technology, automotive electronic multimedia information, and LBS and GPS industry chain to discuss, involving LED lamp design, intelligent charging management, hybrid power management, electric Automotive battery design, automotive relay and connector applications, power device applications, bus control and energy saving, engine control and emissions, power management of electronic control units, in-vehicle infotainment system solutions, in-vehicle GPS and traffic information broadcast receiving systems, in-vehicle HD High-speed digital interface HDMI new specifications, in-vehicle sound quality evaluation, global positioning and LBS market, development trends and new technology applications, LBS value chain, opportunities and challenges, LBS application cases at home and abroad, and comprehensive information services based on LBS Market-oriented development of the system, the establishment of China's global positioning and location service industry alliance value chain, research on global positioning business development trends and other hot topics.

In this forum, experts from all walks of life spoke freely. Mr. Yang Zhengrong, deputy general manager of Renesas Electronics Automotive Electronics Market and Engineering Technology Center, pointed out that the development direction of in-vehicle information terminals is intelligence, in-vehicle entertainment and interconnection. Processing technology, embedded image recognition technology, high-definition motion image processing technology, high-quality sound playback processing technology, built-in high-speed bus interface, and next-generation LAN (FlexRay), next-generation wireless network (UWB, etc.), oriented LAN (WAVE, etc.) technology for vehicle / vehicle-to-road / workshop communication.

In addition, Mr. Liu Luwei, marketing director from Infineon Technologies, also pointed out that as many as 80 electronic control units and various system bottlenecks will cause the entire network system to be severely overloaded; too many connection interfaces make the network structure extremely complicated, It is very easy to produce system errors and cause system collapse; the limitation of its own energy greatly limits the electrification of the entire vehicle; in order to adapt to the distributed functional structure, a large number of interfaces are required, thereby increasing the complexity of system testing and verification. The structure and its serious problems. Liu Luwei pointed out that the need for automotive-grade devices with higher reliability than industrial-grade devices and related solutions.

The successful holding of this forum has explored a feasible way for the rise of China's new energy vehicles. Later in the day, the participating experts, scholars and business people also gathered at the 3rd Automotive Electronics Salon to discuss the opportunities and challenges brought by the development of new energy vehicles to the Chinese automobile industry and the electronics industry, and how to accelerate the development of domestic automotive electronics The industrialization of achievements and the bottleneck of the breakthrough development of domestic enterprise electronic technology, how to accelerate the digestion and absorption of imported technology, re-creation, breakthrough points in domestic automotive electronic technology, how to accelerate the industrialization of domestic automotive electronics research and development results, how to formulate China In-depth and enthusiastic discussions were conducted on electronic product standards and specifications, domestic automobile and electronic enterprise cooperation mechanisms, and cooperative development.

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