TD-LTE industry chain system is becoming more and more perfect

Chen Jiachun, deputy director of the Communications Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at a press conference held by the State Council Office on the 26th that the TD-LTE scale technical trials conducted in 6 cities across the country provided the best technical support and services for the development of the TD-LTE industry The platform has effectively promoted the maturity of TD-LTE and leaps the development of the industry. It has formed a complete industrial chain system in which global communication R & D and manufacturing companies are widely involved.

According to Chen Jiachun, the first phase of the TD-LTE scale technology test has been basically completed. In terms of network construction, a total of 7 domestic and foreign communication equipment manufacturing companies have completed the opening of all field sites; in terms of terminal chips, a total of 6 domestic and foreign chip companies have provided test terminals; in terms of testing, including core network, transmission, The first phase of the main testing work, such as bearer, security, wireless network, and network management, has been completed, and data analysis and summary work is currently underway.

Chen Jiachun said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology plans to quickly arrange related work in the second phase of the TD-LTE large-scale technical test on the basis of the first-phase large-scale technical test, and conduct trial commercialization on the basis of a summary assessment to promote the development of the TD-LTE industry.

TD-LTE is a new generation of mobile communication technology dominated by China, and it is the follow-up evolution technology of 3G (third generation mobile communication) international standard TD-SCDMA with independent intellectual property rights in China. It has high transmission rate, short delay and high spectrum efficiency. Features. In October 2010, the enhanced TD-LTE was determined as one of the 4G international standards by the International Telecommunication Union. At present, 24 international operators have joined the "TD-LTE Global Development Initiative", 5 operators have started commercial network construction, 10 international operators have cleared commercial plans, and 32 international operators have established trial networks.

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