Ronda Suzhou plant introduces LED chip production capacity to open one-stop production mode

In addition to packaging and wire production capacity, LED factory Ronda Suzhou plant also began to introduce LED chip capacity. The company said that the Suzhou plant is expected to import a total of 16 MOCVD machines, with a capacity of about 60,000 pieces per month, plus a monthly capacity of 160,000 pieces in Taiwan, with a total capacity increase of about 37.5%; new capacity It has entered the trial production stage and is expected to be officially opened in the second quarter of next year.

Ronda pointed out that it is optimistic about the huge LED backlight and lighting market in mainland China. The company operates an Suzhou factory through Daliang Electronics, has an independent management and sales team, and will replicate Taiwan's Lunda one-stop production model to the Suzhou plant, so the future Suzhou plant In addition to packaging and wire production capacity, it has also begun to introduce chip production capacity. The factory products will be light bars, lighting modules, etc., and complete the one-stop production business model to support the mainland market.

Ronda said that in fact, the 16 MOCVD machines were purchased as early as a few years ago, and the subsidies for the mainland policy were applied. The depreciation has been introduced before, so the overall production cost is relatively low. The company pointed out that in addition, as the Suzhou plant completes the one-stop production model, resources will be more concentrated, helping to reduce production costs, and it is expected to help the future cost structure of the company.

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