Seoul Semiconductor has been ranked as the world's number one LED patent strength by IEEE for two consecutive years.

Seoul Semiconductor (Representative Director: Li Yixun), a world-renowned LED manufacturer, said on December 23 that Seoul Semiconductor was the only elected company in the 2013 semiconductor manufacturing field patent strength ranking issued by the world's leading authority, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). LED manufacturing company. This is the world's number one patent strength in the LED field in 2013 after 2012.

The IEEE's annual ranking of patent strengths in different industries is based on the number of US patent applications, patent growth indicators, patent influences, patent application indexes, etc. owned by more than 5,000 companies, schools, and government agencies. Through this ranking, you can measure the technical capabilities of each company in its industry.

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Seoul Semiconductor has invested more than 15% of its annual revenue in LED technology research and development. Because of this, an average of more than 600 patent applications are filed each year, and by the end of 2013, Seoul Semiconductor has a patent portfolio of more than 11,000. In addition to LED manufacturing related EPI, FAB, PKG processes, there are various patent portfolios that lead the global market for Acrich, nPola, direct-lit TV backlights, UV LEDs, and UV LED system applications. Seoul Semiconductor is building a strong patent map network.

Nam Ki-bum, director of the Seoul Semiconductor Central Research Institute, said: "Some companies in some countries have stolen other intellectual property patents without any agreement. We call them "impersonators" and the intellectual property rights of enterprises must be protected. For the past 23 years, Seoul Semiconductor has been focusing on technology development in the fields of lighting, backlighting and UV LEDs."

Top 20 IEEE patent strengths in semiconductor manufacturing in 2013

1st place: Digital Optics (US)
2nd place: Samsung Electronics (KR)
3rd place: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (JP)
4th place: SanDisk (US)
5th place: Foxconn (CN)
6th place: Intel (US)
7th place: Tessera Technologies (US)
8th place: Micron Technology (US)
9th place: Broadcom (US)
10th place: Marvell Technology (Bermuda)
11th place: Nanosolar (US)
12th place: SunPower (US)
13th place: Rambus (US)
14th place: Seoul Semiconductor (KR)
15th place: Intermolecular (US)
16th place: Texas Instruments (US)
17th place: STATS ChipPac (Singapore)
18th place: OEwaves (US)
19th place: Tilera (US)
20th place: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TW)

(This article is submitted by Seoul Semiconductor)

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