Don't be tempted to use it for a while.

After the summer solstice, the weather will be even hotter. The hot and hot body will make people feel irritated. The timely supplement of water and heatstroke prevention is the basis for maintaining a healthy mentality. In addition to the summer heat, the healthier is the electric fan, blowing the natural wind. Enjoy the coolness that nature brings to us. However, there are some ways to pay attention to the use of electric fans. Some methods are not correct and unhealthy. Long-term incorrect use of electric fans will lead to the balance of blood circulation in the city, and also It will lead to a stroke, so today Xiaobian sums up some misunderstandings about using electric fans in life. See if you have the following mistakes, then you should pay attention to it.

1, long blowing

Many people like to blow the electric fan for a long time. If they feel that they have just cooled down, they will stop. They will feel that the body is still hot. It is better to blow comfortably for a long time. However, when the electric fan is blown for a long time, the body temperature will drop with the evaporation of sweat, which may cause diseases such as colds, colds, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Generally, it is preferred to blow air for half an hour to one hour.

2, high speed blowing

In order to cool up as soon as possible, someone turned the fan to the highest speed and thought that the wind was great and it was hot. This is an inappropriate practice. When the temperature exceeds 30 °C, the air temperature is close to the normal body temperature of the person, and the wind blown by the electric fan is also the high temperature wind. At this time, the heat of the human body should mainly be evaporated by the sweat, if the wind blows too much, the skin surface The temperature drops, the pores are occluded, the sweat inside the body does not emanate, and it will feel hot, and there will be fatigue, backache and back pain. This is “sweat”. Therefore, it is not advisable to use a high-speed high-speed air blower for electric fans. It should be adjusted to medium or low speed, and it is better to blow a gentle breeze.

3, blowing close to the wind

The air blower should not be placed close to the body. If the wind blows in the vicinity and only blows the side of the body, the sweat on the wind surface will evaporate quickly, the temperature will decrease significantly, and the side that blows the wind will not evaporate slowly. As a result, the blood circulation and sweat excretion on both sides of the body are too large, and the nerve center will lose its balance. Once the time is too long, the organs will be exhausted and feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when blowing the electric fan, it is preferable to make the distance between the person and the person 2 meters, and the blowing wind is evenly softened.

4, blowing directional wind

Nowadays, the electric fan is mostly a moving head fan. When the air blows, the electric fan keeps moving the position and direction. The air blows to form a large and small one, which makes the body surface suffer from the wind slowly, does not make people feel too cold, and feels the whole body temperature is even. Therefore, it is best to use a fan, not to blow the directional wind.

5, sleep all night blowing

When the fan is sleeping all night, when the person is asleep, the functions of the organs of the body are reduced to the lowest level, all the reflections disappear, the immunity is reduced, and the fan is easy to cause diseases all night.

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