The future development trend of sensors

The future development trend of sensors

With the continuous development of science and technology, new types of sensors, such as wireless sensors, fiber optic sensors, smart sensors, and metal oxide sensors, have become increasingly popular in the market, and sensors will develop in the following directions.

1) Miniaturization

The microsensor is a microelectro-mechanicalsystems (MEMS) technology based on the development of semiconductor integrated circuit technology. Micromachined technology is used to encapsulate micrometer sensitive components, signal processors, and data processing devices on a single chip. , Low cost, easy integration, and other obvious advantages, and can improve the system test accuracy. MEMS technology-based sensors have now begun to replace existing products.

With the further development of microelectronics processing technology, especially nanofabrication technology, sensor technology will also evolve from microsensors to nanosensors. The development and application of miniature sensors will be increasingly favored in various fields.

2) Intelligent

An intelligent sensor is a combination of one or more sensitive elements, microprocessors, peripheral control and communication circuits, and intelligent software systems. It combines monitoring, judgment, and information processing functions. Compared with traditional sensors, it has many characteristics. For example, it can determine the working status of the sensor, modify the measurement data, in order to reduce the environmental factors such as temperature, humidity caused by the error; it can use software to solve hardware difficult problems; it can complete the data calculation and processing work. Moreover, the accuracy, range coverage, signal-to-noise ratio, intelligence level, remote maintainability, accuracy, stability, reliability, and interchangeability of smart sensors are much higher than those of general sensors.

3) Biomimetic

The bionic sensor is a device that automatically captures information, processes information, and imitates human behavior by simulating various human behaviors such as sight, hearing, feeling, smell, and thinking. It is a biomedical and electronics science and engineering in recent years. A new kind of information technology developed through mutual penetration. With the further development of biotechnology and other technologies, in the near future, biomimetic sensors that mimic biological functions will exceed the capabilities of human features and improve the robot's vision, taste, touch and ability to operate on target objects. We will see the broad prospects for the application of bionic sensors.

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