Wind River joins industry leaders to create Open Interconnect Alliance

Wind River®, the world's leading provider of embedded software for smart connected systems, today announced that technology industry leaders Atmel, Broadcom, Dell, Intel, Samsung and Wind River are embarking on a new industry consortium to improve IoT devices. Interoperability determines the connectivity requirements of the billions of devices that make up the Internet of Things. OIC (Open Interconnect ConsorTIum) will focus on determining a common communication framework based on industry technology standards to enable personal computing of different terminals, operating systems or service providers, as well as wireless connectivity and intelligent information for new IoT devices. Flow management.

Member companies will contribute to the development of the Internet of Things by contributing software and engineering resources to the development of standard specification open source implementations and certification programs. This OIC specification will include a range of connectivity solutions using existing and emerging wireless standards and will be compatible with a variety of different operating systems.

Industry leaders from a variety of different vertical market segments, such as smart home and office solutions, automotive and other sectors, will participate in the project. As a result, it will help ensure that OIC specifications and open source implementations can help companies design intelligent, reliable, and secure ways to manage and exchange information in ever-changing conditional power and bandwidth without even having a network connection. product.

The first OIC open source code will address the specific needs of smart home and office solutions. For example, the OIC specification can use a securely configured smartphone, tablet or PC to make it easier to remotely or receive notifications from smart home appliances or corporate devices. Possible consumer solutions can remotely control home systems, achieving the dual goals of saving money and saving energy. As far as the enterprise is concerned, employees and visiting vendors can collaborate in a secure manner while interacting with the screen or other devices in the conference room. Specifications for IoT opportunities in other industries, such as automotive, medical, and industrial, will be introduced later.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, said: "The key to open source is collaboration and choice. The Open Interconnect consortium once again demonstrates how open source can help drive innovation. We expect OIC to build an open environment that supports billions of connected devices. contribution."

In the coming months, other companies, including other leading manufacturers of electrical and equipment, service and solution providers, and chipset manufacturers, will join OIC.

Open Interconnect Consortium Member Introduction:


Kaivan Karimi, Atmel's vice president and general manager of MCU, said: "We are very pleased to be able to join OIC and establish an open source framework to provide digital home and support services for different vertical market segments such as consumer, industrial and automotive markets. Together, we are committed to building a strong IoT infrastructure that will play a key role in addressing the pain points that are currently unresolved by other industry standards."


Rahul Patel, senior vice president and general manager of wireless connectivity at Broadcom, said: "As the IoT ecosystem continues to evolve, interoperability will be a key enabler. By working with other industry leaders to create a multi-connection technology. With an open IoT platform, we will remove barriers and open up opportunities for many creative entrepreneurs."


Glen Robson, vice president and chief technology officer of Dell Solutions, said: "The dramatic changes brought about by the explosive development of the Internet of Things will have a major impact on our ability to use technology to do more work. Have an open, secure and can The managed connectivity framework is critical to providing the elements needed to make the transition. Both consumers and businesses need a strong foundation to build a variety of IoT solutions. From the very beginning of the company, Dell Industry standards are always used as a means of providing customers with the best technical solutions, and the Open Interconnect consortium fits this model very well."


Doug Fisher, vice president and general manager of Intel Corporation, said: "The rise and ultimate success of the Internet of Things depends on the ability of devices and systems to interconnect and share information in a secure and reliable manner. This requires a truly open industry standard. A common framework. The goal of the Open Interconnect consortium is to overcome the challenges of IoT interoperability connectivity without binding the ecosystem to an enterprise solution."

Samsung Electronics

Jong-deok Choi, executive vice president and deputy director of the Software Development Center at Samsung Electronics, said: "In the Internet of Things era, all devices, including personal computers, smartphones to home and industrial devices, and new wearable device terminals, regardless of their manufacturer Whoever needs to be able to seamlessly connect and communicate with each other. We invite other industry leaders in different background and vertical market segments to work with us to identify and adopt a common IoT communication framework."

Wind river

Wind River CEO Barry Mainz said: "The huge opportunities brought about by the Internet of Things require a robust ecosystem and a set of established standards to realize its full potential. As connectivity requirements evolve rapidly, device interoperability is ensured. Demand is growing, and the establishment of the Open Interconnect consortium to develop a common communications framework is an important step in the right direction."

About Open Interconnect Consortium

The Open Interconnect consortium is a non-profit, Oregon-based organization founded by leading technology companies to determine the connectivity requirements and ensure interoperability of the billions of devices that make up the Internet of Things. According to IDC, by the end of 2020, the number of installed IoT devices worldwide will reach approximately 121 billion units, including 30.1 billion installed "networked" (automatic) devices. (Source: IDC claims that the Internet of Things will change everything, October 2013).

About Wind River

Wind River is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) and the world's leading provider of intelligent interconnect system software. Since 1981, Wind River has been a pioneer in computing technology in embedded devices. In today's world, more than 1 billion products have been applied by Wind River's technology. Based on world-class global professional services and technical support and a broad ecosystem of partners, Wind River offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of embedded software products. The technology and expertise provided by Wind River enables innovation and deployment of secure, stable and reliable intelligent systems.

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