Mobile devices continue to be popular, personal LAN will show their talents

In fact, for some vendors in the telecommunications industry, personal area networks (PANs) have been a futuristic symbol for the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS).

However, for the information technology industry, the personal area network becomes a concept with a slightly different specific content. However, since there are already local or local area networks in the existing office environment, as well as wide-area or global networks used to connect to the outside world – why can't you build a close-range network that individuals can carry?

However, in addition to the use of wireless gadgets such as Bluetooth, the concept has gradually disappeared from early personal digital assistants and mobile phones, and the final hope is placed on supporting a variety of gadgets. The emergence of universal mobile devices.

Personal area network

But because this idea has not yet become a reality. Therefore, most users today have to continue to choose to carry more types of devices with them. This leads to universal connectivity becoming the actual functionality that users are eager to acquire; after all, only in this case can all devices be in the same wireless network.

Now, although mobile operators can already install embedded mobile communication modules provided by wireless network card providers for laptops and tablets: providing comprehensive network coverage for all mobile communication devices carried by individuals still needs to be in the future. Keep trying.

Personal wireless access point equipment becomes a viable option

In fact, due to the low cost and ease of use, personal wireless access point devices have sprung up, which can also explain the popularity of 3G or 4G mobile communication backhaul links and the use of a single wireless hub to connect multiple devices. A valuable opportunity, this has made the device a practical choice that is not only very simple but also very effective.

But in theory, since mobile phones can support wireless networks, it is a very common practice to establish personal hotspots; however, this scenario is seen after users see mobile operators setting high standards for personal hotspots. It will be eliminated immediately. Mobile operators seem to be very tired of the fact that multiple devices share the same mobile communication connection; even if these devices belong to the same user, the actual situation will not change as long as they cannot be directly charged.

Personal area network will bring added value

Compared with all the time and the data transmission process, you need to pay for the wrong mentality. The correct way to do this is to find out the additional added value that the personal area network can provide. In addition to maintaining a network connection, what additional services are available to users with multiple devices, and what additional features will make people willing to pay for a personal "hub"?

In the past few years, some ideas based on conventional hardware hubs have been implemented—storage or unified messaging is a typical example—but for most users today, cloud-based regular services are Future products worth looking forward to.

Although these services can take advantage of the hardware capabilities of mobile hubs to bring more added value to users—for example, as backup power, shared batteries, shared identities, or authentication tokens—but the key here. The problem is that such features will be difficult to achieve without full support from the operators.

However, one problem is foreseeable, that is, operators have no profit or low profit when promoting and selling basic communication equipment. At present, unless network equipment manufacturers like Cisco and Huawei start mass production of 3G USB. Converter or wireless router, otherwise the actual price cannot be reduced quickly.

Over time, the operator's practice of charging additional fees for multiple devices owned by the same user will give users greater resentment than higher user loyalty and product added value. So what is needed now is to adopt a better way to bring the most comfortable experience to users, and personal LAN will become an inevitable trend.

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