Talking about the turning point of the outbreak of the wearable medical market

Regardless of whether you admit it or not, wearable medicine has quietly entered people's lives, and as the market scale expands year by year, it will surely set off a subversive frenzy in the medical industry. According to senior analysts at IMS Research, the wearable medical market may exceed $2.9 billion in 2016, accounting for at least half of all wearable product sales.

In fact, wearable is a very good carrier, which also shows that there is a certain balance and combination in function and fashion. However, the current wearable products have an appearance, and the design thinking is still carried out in a way that promotes technology. It is not from the consumer appeal itself, which makes the product fall into the embarrassing situation of “satisfaction, such as wearable medical care”.

Talking about the turning point of the outbreak of the wearable medical market

Today's wearable medical products on the market are mostly based on bracelets. Under the banner of medical innovation, the practical aspects are limited to the functions of sports counters, calorie consumption, calorie calculation, sleep monitoring and other low technical thresholds. And the product homogenization is serious. In this regard, Guangju Technology Chairman and General Manager Yu Dongfang also said that the bracelet has major drawbacks. At present, it is not just a product, but this is the only way for the wearable medical market to take off.

Most of the world is difficult to accomplish overnight. Emerging technologies and products also need market cultivation. The obstacles facing wearable medical care are very important to the education market. First, we need to let users know that there is a way to manage people. The health is more convenient than the traditional medical treatment mode; with knowledge, there will be awareness, and will realize that the existing only "entry-level" products, the data that can be collected is not enough, and then It can effectively push the market to break through the predicament and usher in the dawn.

In view of this, where is the way out for the wearable medical treatment? What are the bottlenecks that need to be broken? What is the future development trend? Where is the turning point of the market welcoming the outbreak? This article will answer you one by one.

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