Analysis of signal-to-noise ratio of sensing elements in spacecraft

At present, piezoelectric materials have been used more and more in the vibration control of spacecraft flexible extension structures. In the previous domestic and international application research, most of the beam models, sensing elements and control elements for flexible extension structures were made of piezoelectric materials.

Through analysis, demonstration and experiment, it is found that the use of strain gauges in the sensing element has a higher signal-to-noise ratio. The composite panel model of a certain type of solar solar sailboard is now used as a research object. Strain gauges are used as sensing elements and piezoelectric ceramics are used as control elements. The large-scale system decentralized control theory and structural vibration theory are combined to perform windsurfing vibration. Simulation study of distributed strain control. The research results show that the method is effective, feasible and easy to implement.

A certain type of satellite is composed of a star and a solar sail board. The sail board is fixed to the star body, ignoring the damping, calculating the natural frequency and displacement mode of the sail board vibration, and further obtaining its strain mode.

Conventional displacement sensors and controllers are not suitable for their installation and use. Strain gauges and piezoelectric ceramics have the advantages of small size, light weight, easy installation, and good mechanical-electrical characteristics. Therefore, the strain control strategy of structural vibration is adopted. The arrangement and installation of strain gauges on the sailboard should avoid the nodes to obtain a large signal-to-noise ratio; the arrangement and installation of piezoelectric ceramics should be located at the extreme point of the strain mode to achieve the best control effect.

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