Huawei box M330 evaluation of the most beautiful TV box map tour

How about the Huawei Box M330? The sofa Xiao Bian can only say that the Huawei box M330 has a strong configuration, but also has a super high value! Huawei Box M330 is designed with a body size of 88.5mm, 88.5mm and 15.5mm. The overall weight is about 190g. Currently, only the black color is selected. Huawei's secret box shape design, Huawei's trademark design at the top of the box, elegant and refined appearance, the ultimate minimalist design, brings a simple, generous lady temperament for the Huawei Box M330!

In terms of appearance, Huawei's box uses a flat cube with rounded corners. The fully symmetrical shape is very ornamental. The top of the box has a black mirror design, with a fine-grained diagonal grid background and Huawei's LOGO, simple and stylish, and TV or TV cabinet can be a good match, does not look unexpected.

In terms of dimensions, Huawei's boxes are 88.5mm x 88.5mm x 15.5mm in length and width, and 185g in weight. They are compact and exquisite. They can be placed on a TV cabinet or on a TV wall behind a TV.

At the bottom of Huawei's box, two rubber anti-slip strips are used at the bottom of the box. Some information about the box is printed in the middle. The Huawei box supports Dolby audio, Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI, and HDMI.

Most of the interfaces of the Huawei box are designed on the back of the device. From left to right, AV interfaces, USB interfaces, network cable interfaces, HDMI output interfaces, and power line interfaces are complete.

On the left side of the camera, there is also a Micro SD card slot. The Huawei box supports a maximum of 64 GB capacity expansion, which also increases the available space of the box and can store more multimedia resources.

On the other side of the box, Huawei's box also has an HDMI input interface, which is the biggest highlight of the box. Users can output the HDMI cable of the cable TV set-top box to this box to seamlessly view between the box and the set-top box. In addition, the HDMI input interface can transparently transmit the HDMI signal of the HD set-top box and switch signals between the Huawei box and the set-top box. Source, eliminating the need for plugging and unplugging, achieving a seamless viewing experience with set-top boxes, and providing "DVB+OTT" solutions.

The remote control is also an important accessory for a box product. The quality of the remote control also affects the user's TV viewing experience to some extent. Huawei box is equipped with a streamlined remote control. The layout of the buttons is reasonable. The blind operation can be achieved after several operations. The feedback of the buttons is moderate, and there is no noise. The Huawei box provides an optional Bluetooth 4.0 remote controller for easier operation. Easy to use, 360 degrees without dead ends.

The bottom of the Huawei box remote controller is designed as a circular arc, so it has a good grip.

Open the box to enter the setup wizard, connect to the network, the first impression is that the interface is fresh and simple, more in line with the public's taste. From the point of view of nearby hotspot signal strength, Huawei's box has a strong ability to receive signals.

The text input still uses the full keyboard design, which is also the input pain of smart TV and set-top box products. Fortunately, it does not need to be used frequently.

After the setup wizard is completed, it enters the main interface. The interface can be divided into upper, middle and lower three blocks: text classification, content recommendation, and various options at the bottom. At the bottom of the home page, we see "My Cache". We can see that Huawei's box still supports the offline cache function. This is a convenient feature that is currently rare on the market. Its online video can be downloaded locally, at the peak of the Internet. Realize local viewing, bid farewell to the phenomenon of unlimited online cache, the function is very easy to use.

Huawei Box defaults to the content source of Galaxy Internet TV GITV. It is an Internet TV operating company jointly established by the Central People's Broadcasting Station, Jiangsu Radio and TV Station, Iqiyi, and Peng's Telecommunication Media Group. As one of the seven domestic "Internet TV integrated broadcast control business" licenses, has a strong technology research and development capabilities, video content can meet the full range of consumer demand. Of course, if you think that the content is still not good enough, users can still download and use third-party software for viewing. This is not a recommendation.

In terms of content classification, Huawei's box is more special is to join the area content, where users can see more online video clips, the category is also very clear.

The setup menu of Huawei's box is also very simple. As a set-top box product, its settings almost do not need to be changed, but its functions must also be available.

The most worth mentioning in the function setting is Huawei's unique Imprex video enhancement engine. In terms of video quality, you can choose to turn the engine on and off. In the on state, you can clearly feel the color of the video is brighter and the look is better. It is highly recommended to turn this feature on when watching movies.

Evaluation summary

After the strong control of the set-top box market last year, some unauthorized products such as Shanzhai were effectively stifled, but they did not reduce the number of set-top box products on the market. As time passed, more and more new products were created, but the same Seriously qualitative. Currently, the TV set-top box products are difficult to open due to the existence of third-party applications. The 4K and H.265 formats have gradually become standard. However, in the case where the price gap is not large, the appearance of work and operation experience becomes The most important factor for choosing a set-top box.

Huawei's box M330 is not too fancy in its design, but it is also a kind of simple and perhaps more suitable for the public's aesthetic. The compact body is also easy to place. For the trial of Huawei's box for several days, there was no automatic crash or restart phenomenon. The entire operation was smooth and the experience was good. The features of off-line caching and Bluetooth 4.0 were huge advantages of the product.

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