The new concept of flat-screen TV patented technology promotes eye protection revolution

Television is one of the most important inventions in the history of human civilization. It is a medium for the dissemination of modern information. It is also an indispensable entertainment device for people's daily life. It has formed a very broad market in the world. The product market derived from television products includes TV wall decoration, TV component assembly and so on, all to provide a more comfortable environment for TV watching crowds and families. However, the problem of watching television hurting the eyes has not been solved very well. Until recently, a brand-new patented technology was launched. Starting from the setting of light, a layered viewing environment was created to reduce the screen light to human eyes. The injury, thus filling the gap in the technology to protect the eyes while watching TV.

When watching TV, if the indoor light is turned off, the pupil of the person is magnified, the light on the TV screen concentrates on the pupil, and long-term stimulation can lead to eye fatigue and increased intraocular pressure, and even further damage the eyesight; if the interior is on Overlapped light can impair television imaging. Blurred images can also damage vision. Therefore, the ideal method is to disperse the effect of the TV screen on the eyes through soft light that does not directly stimulate the human eye. The light strip technology weakens the TV image for eye damage through the use of light, both domestically and internationally. The idea of ​​weakening the television's own light stimuli through the use of the backlighting of the TV housing is exclusive. The inventor, after continuous research and experimentation, has finally developed a flat-panel TV that is inexpensive to produce and extremely practical. Surgery.

According to understanding, this flat panel TV shell backlight belt technology has three advantages. First of all, it can effectively reduce the damage and stimulation of television images and light to the eyes through the light emitted by the backlight belt installed on the TV shell. The principle is the backlight. The light is projected onto the wall of the TV set, and then a gentle halo is formed by the reflection of the wall to coordinate the light and protect the eyesight. Secondly, people who generally have eyesight protection know that they should turn on the lights and watch TV. However, turning lights on is not only a waste of energy, but it also destroys the sense of atmosphere in the content of television broadcasts. Therefore, it often causes family protests. Finally, the control of the backlight of the TV housing is integrated with the remote control, the light intensity and the switching control can be performed through the TV remote control, and the colors of different lights can also be selected, and there is a very strong possibility of access to the country. patent.

Many developers have devoted themselves to the further development and promotion of TV brands. In the increasingly saturated market environment, to enhance the competitiveness of products, it is necessary to absorb different technology projects, and the use of backlight belts for TV sets will It will open up a brand new promotion market and at the same time subvert the traditional eye-breaking concept of television. The development of patented technology is simple and the cost is low, but it allows the brand to have more room for competition. It is a must for modern high-quality TV brand development and development. Options, the inventor Mr. Zhou is contacting the partner.

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