Kaibol H9 PC-class configuration of six major features interpretation of the strength of the faction

TV boxes have entered the era of popularization. TV boxes that simply provide video online play and play experience have long been unable to meet the entertainment needs of users. Want to play cool and enjoyable, your TV box enough level? The local tycoon Kopenhagen H9 TV box has a PC-class configuration and is equipped with an RK3368 eight-core 64-bit processor. It has six highlights, and it perfectly illustrates the characteristics of the powerful faction.

Eight-core memory eight-core graphics, rocket box

The KBolle H9 has a strong configuration of the PC-class RK3368 eight-core 64-bit processor, supporting eight Cortex-A53s running at a peak 1.5GHz at a time. The GPU is a Mali-G6110, which can achieve the same processing performance as a PC, running faster, and processing power. Stronger. The RK3368's GPU image processing engine is the PowerVR G6110, and the PowerVR series was previously equipped with Apple's iPhone, which will bring a more perfect picture quality and operating experience to the H9.

H.265 video hard decoding, real 4K box

The RK3368 processor configured by the open-Korr H9 supports 4K@60fps and H.265 video hard decoding. It perfectly supports HDMI 2.0 interface and can output 4K video without loss. Sharpness is four times that of traditional 1080P HD, and enjoying 4K brings a different picture quality experience. At the same time configure 16G flash memory, can store more large-size 4K video, download applications, install large-scale games as you like.

Multi-screen interactive function, cross-border intelligent integration

The KBolle H9 supports multi-screen interactive functions, allowing users to easily project pictures and videos from their mobile phones and tablets onto large-screen televisions and share exciting moments with family and friends. The multi-screen interactive function can also easily turn the smart phone in the hand into a remote control for the open-Boer H9, incarnate the mouse and keyboard, perform voice control, and serve as a gamepad to achieve intelligent integration across the borders!

Local gold metal appearance, highly luxurious and extraordinary

Kaibor H9 redefines the appearance of set-top boxes, abandoning the black and white gray design of traditional set-top boxes, and innovating the “local gold” metal casing made of aluminum alloys made by Apple Technology. While giving the living room TV room an ultimate audio-visual experience, blend with your living room more fully. The open Boer H9 body design is sleek and exquisite, and the "Tyrant Gold" color scheme highlights the extraordinary taste, which is awesome!

Independent research and development system, massive resources free play

The KIUI7.0 system of the KBA H9 is a human-computer interaction interface independently developed by Kaiboer, which is based on user needs and has been updated and optimized for seven generations. It is a user-friendly operating system that can be freely enjoyed by mass-market movie videos and televisions. Programs, game applications, comprehensive and rich. The user-friendly operation interface is simple and easy to understand. Both the elderly and children can easily get started.

Built-in WiFi hotspot, turn wireless router

Kaibol H9 not only built-in wireless network card, but also equipped with external high-gain anti-jamming antenna, strong signal reception. Kaibol H9 can support the creation of wireless hotspots, a key WIFI sharing, mobile phones, tablet computers, notebooks at home can use H9's wireless hotspots to connect the network, at the same time thanks to its external gain antenna, wireless signals are free to wear the wall without any Pressure, let the opener H9 avatar wireless router.

The KBolle H9 can be a PC-class configuration game box, and its eight-core 64-bit processor and eight-core GPU are naturally unbreakable. And its strong 4K video playback capabilities, wireless routing and other extended features and local gold metal housing to highlight the identity of the open Bor H9 is almost perfect, it is difficult to refuse. For most gaming enthusiasts and box enthusiasts, the KBolle H9 is definitely the right choice.

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