OLED wins obvious contrast with traditional TV

OLEDs, as the next-generation display technology, have the ability to self-emit organic light, and can emit light without backlighting to reduce the thickness of the backlight and the light guide plate, thereby better reflecting deep black and bright white.

Rechargeable Fan,DC Fan

DC fan editing
Cooling fan, is through the DC voltage and electromagnetic induction, from electrical energy into machinery to promote fan rotation fan.
Rely on the coil and IC constantly switch, induction magnetic ring from the drive fan rotation.

Electric energy into machinery to promote the fan rotation

The rotor of the DC cooling fan includes the DC cooling fan blades, which is the source of the air flow, the fan shaft, which is used to support the balance blade rotation, the rotor ring, the permanent magnet, the key to switch the speed of the magnetic level, Fixed magnetic ring. In addition, it also includes the support of the spring, through which the components are fixed to the tuberculosis to rotate the entire part, the motor part, the production rotation direction, and the dynamic size of the rotation speed key. Its speed performance, control is simple.

DC Fan

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