This site is the first sun AmazonBasics Amazon 5s 2 + USB HUB hub simple evaluation

The docking station has been used for a long time and has always wanted to write, but has not been able to free up time to write a review. Today I finally vacated my time and filled this pit with ~ (really it's not a lie gold coin)

Starting background

Doing a science and engineering undergraduate course in Wangchuang Wang. His project entered the final stage of integration of all aspects of materials in April. He happily picked up a MacBook to do video, but he also used a removable hard disk to store and transfer data back and forth. From time to time using U disk to transfer some things, one of the MacBook's only two USB interfaces is still occupied by the mechanical keyboard all the year round. It seems that Zhang Ama is beckoning in her sleep. “Children, I see you are full of heaven and bones are amazing. It must be an extraordinary person. Aunt has an ancestral usbhub. Is it better to pass on with you?"

demand analysis

1. Since it is a docking station, the extensibility must be strong enough. The three-port hub is equivalent to only two, and the expansion is insufficient. There is no need to extend the hub of the seven ports too much. The final target is a 5-port hub.

2. To ensure the transmission speed, and to ensure the convenience of the use of the process, the expansion interface must support usb3.0 or more across the board.

3. At least two mobile hard disks and one USB stick must be mounted under normal operating conditions. Using the Windows system's notebook requires a mouse, which requires an active hub to ensure its stability.

4. It doesn't look good, but it can't be too ugly

5. Budget? Reluctant to it ... anyway, so much money in the wallet, have to eat and support sister ...

Market research

Asked the mother to visit the wealthy home to find the existing usbhub market is really a mixed bag, down to a few dozen, up to hundreds of thousands of hub endlessly. Unfortunately, after consulting the Aunt, I discovered that the usb docking station may indeed be a relatively niche. The only few evaluations are basically orico's. Although everyone has different views on its merits, everyone recognizes his product. Control the difference ah ~ do not buy! Then search found Bel King's hub reputation seems to be good, come to me to check whether there is to meet the demand, ah, lying good expensive, lying so well out of stock ah, that does not buy (wallet Jun breath), I It is such a person who will not be strong.

Finally, after some research, the goal was locked in Amazon hubs. This hub has 5 usb3.0 interfaces + 2 fast charging ports (calling usb3.0 support), the price is relatively real, but unfortunately can only be purchased in the United States and Asia. So Tuo classmate helped the sea to get one, and actually paid 232.5 soft sister money to start, about 12 days of receipt. The link is as follows:

Appearance details

Amazon smiles small box town building (in addition to the United States in the air to bring two packs of American air is such a printed box)

First put the question map

This design of the goods I feel is still relatively anti-human, according to my understanding of the question map this is its positive, this is also a good look, but its main interface is actually on the back, the actual use of the management line and The appearance of the two is not available, but I still prefer to pragmatism, this little problem will not matter

Main interface diagram

In a plastic case, the texture is very general, but after all, the price is there, and it is good to use (qian) and (zu). This product is a fully automatic dust suction device. Before I took this picture, I seriously wiped him. However, it turns out that this is not only to make the gray distribution more uniform but also has no eggs.

Side fast filling port

This interface should also be 3.0 interface, the official tag has a fast charge function, measured by the actual use of no eggs, and the layout of the two interfaces are more urgent, usually difficult to use, for reference.

Power and USB interface

The large blue interface is connected to the usb port of the computer. The small circular interface marked with DC is the power supply port of the external power supply. When the words are used at the beginning, the brain is pumped, and the data line of the USB interface is circled. After connecting back to the hub, the result was a plug in power supply. How did the power supply run out of Mars? I was too embarrassed to say that I was an engineering student. . .

Power Adapter

Friendship appearance comparison for the iPhone 5s, you can see this adapter is not large, it is easy to find a corner into it. It is worth noting that the three-pin power supply is an American standard, and some outlets in the domestic market support such a power plug. If there is no compatible outlet at home, it is necessary to purchase or use an adapter.

Hub size comparison chart

Friendship is still iphone 5s, so this is a pretty small thing to see.

Brief assessment

Test Equipment

Future Human t5 2015 Edition

The entertainment guru takes a look, because professional relations, a lot of software can't escape the windows system, there are certain game demands, so start such a cost-effective win this again. What the entertainment guru did not show is that this book's main hard drive is actually a 7200r/min 1T hard drive. Considering this configuration may be more general, the computer is used for testing.

Seagate Hard Disk Drive 2

The other one is Seagate 1T hard drive, but also 3.0 interface but can not find the connection truncated figure

Test Data

Personally, I think that all kinds of test software have limited reference, because the actual use of the hardware and the use of the environment are bound to change in the actual performance of the final, so this simple assessment will directly use the screenshot to illustrate the problem.

Just use this movie as a mobile object to test it (I won't say I think this movie is really pretty)

1. Two mobile hard disks are mounted on the hub for data logging

The maximum speed is 70M/S, and the minimum speed is 15M/S. The transmission process is very stable. There is no shortage of voltage, resulting in the disconnection, the introduction of the hard disk or the lockup. It can be seen that the entire transmission process is slow and fast. Perhaps more data needs to be “preheated”? Not really understand, I hope to understand the value of friends to add.

2 mobile hard disk directly through the computer usb interface to the computer

The maximum speed is 125M/S, the minimum speed is 60M/S, and the average speed is about 90M/S. This is a control group.

3. The mobile hard disk is transmitted to the computer through usbhub's usb interface

Maximum speed 120M/S, minimum speed 60M/S (ignoring a 20M/S bad data), average speed 80M/S. There is no change in the maximum and minimum speeds (although there is no use of eggs). It can be seen that the average transmission speed after the hub decreases slightly, but the decrease is not much, and it is completely acceptable.



Appearance is acceptable, relatively small

The price is more affordable

Stable use, good reputation


There is no domestic goods, you need sea Amoy

All plastic shell, poor texture, easy to scratch, suction tool

Welcome to discuss, hope everyone likes

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