Interesting singles - personal experience Part II: simple travel, travel photography equipment.

Reeling one, travel does not love to bring too many things, mobile phones, headphones, keys, cash, 3 cards (identity card, credit card, bus subway card) there is a watch.

The mobile phone is the Meizu MX4Pro 32G 15 years to buy it, I do not remember, use it, recently also want to change the phone, do not know what to change, and so on the hammer, there is a look at NOTE7, in the near one Plus 3, I didn't think about it, so I dragged it and I didn't like Apple's every apple thing at home.

If you like to streamline some, on the 2 if the car's low version is not separated from the electric lock, the middle is a 64GU disk, earning information is also large enough, which can also earn the system, some common software. of. Next to the door is home, if the car is not empty, he found a drill drill haha ​​technology is also OK, the top key chain has 20 functions, ah, buy the domestic imitation, 20 yuan it, genuine Water chestnut clearly, about 150 yuan, not willing to pay money ah haha, blue we all know how to enter the door and the elevator card, really want the whole phone NFC function, this card is copied, this card can also save, if the lock It can't be lost, but only with it.

Next to the money and the card, this wallet has a name ( having a deer ) Haha looks good, buy on Taobao, can not clip too much money more than 10 money, the middle is 10 yuan and 20 yuan A total of less than 300 yuan.

The following is the Meizu headset used up. It was mainly one of my people who had to listen to something. The Himalayas, Litchi FM, and 蜻蜓FM. New things were heard every day. The watch is Casio 593 and the battery can survive for 7 years. Time is pretty accurate, I usually adjust the speed of 5 minutes, the watch can also be turned on the lights in the dark place can see the numbers.

This is usually the way to go out. I really don't like to wear too much. . .

The following is the time to go out for travel. Fuji X100, battery 3, WIFI SD card, watch, Ricoh panoramic camera, Canon gift packet (sent by a friend).

Fuji X100 married that year to buy, there are two deputy factory with a battery, or go out afraid of not enough, a 32G FlashAIR card, shoot a thing can be passed directly to the phone, Fuji color is indeed Good, straight out is already very good, I generally do not share much to the circle of friends, generally to the wife-in-law made in the past, she sent to the circle of friends, I usually get back repairs and then sent to the QQ space, Look at your friends, and then leave a commemoration of all the papers that you like to print out and bind to this tour. The printer is 6-colored.

There is a camera with a few accessories very useful, meaning the flash buckle finger, if the Fuji camera did not have a single hand to feel a little afraid of losing, hold unstable, with this can be better The shooting,

Then there is this red button is also very good, there is a one-handed camera rope ostrich skin, not afraid of the camera off, but also very soft, in this is a hood, had a camera to send The big lens hood was once again lost and others who used this kind of lens on Taobao also found it to be a lot smaller than the original one. There is also a UV lens to prevent direct contact with water dust. To the camera lens.

The THETA S, a panoramic camera Ricoh, was bought at the end of last year when traveling to Hengdian. It was really good. Haha, it was quite convenient and shocking to come back. This can be directly transmitted to the mobile phone, and then it can be shared with friends. , but the pixel is a bit down, but also to deal with it, go out to travel Fuji camera holding, this panoramic camera into a small bag. Then I usually use the Fuji camera to arrange a few scenery or characters, then take out the panoramic camera and put a button on the top of the head so that the person does not have to appear in the camera. He can also use the mobile phone to control the picture. Usually on the selfie stick with a mobile phone to control the camera, generally I first go to the hotel first put the panoramic camera in the center of the room, hiding in the bathroom, using a mobile phone to take a picture of the living room, quite interesting.

It is best to buy THETA S this model there is a THETA M15 pixels are too low, there is also a new LG and Samsung are also good, Samsung's a bit round, LG's a bit short, see personal Like it, when I want to buy this S is good. . .

And when I went to travel, people always asked me if you just took the black thing and put it on your head. I took out the camera and looked at the effect of the panoramic camera. It was shocking. I haven't seen it before. Shooting, it is estimated to go back and also bought one of them, ha ha ha li light should not give me some kickback ah ha ha. I am Amway so many people. This holster is half the price for finding a friend to bring back from Japan and the domestic purchasing service. This front row recommends buying a better camera for protection. . .

It was also interesting that he could take a panoramic video.

This package is very bright colors sent by colleagues, and does not take up place on the back, panoramic, back-up, money cards, headphones, mobile phones can be put inside. With the X100 in hand, you can listen to it, or you'll have to put your wife in front of him. He's always looking for him to have a panoramic camera, or a spare battery, cell phone, or something. It's much easier now.

The mobile phone can still be touched by touch screen operation, very convenient, but also put the SD card and bank card or something, I am afraid that it will be possible to put some of the lead. The two-way zipper inside those things I put is more convenient.

For these, a few days later to send a package with a computer trip, first put a few poison, after everyone is concerned about me ah ha ha ha There are hard disk sharing. . .

I hope everyone will support it. In the future, it will come with computer equipment and some of my hard drives will come out. . . .

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