A new smart experience - Ticwatch 2 generation smart watch experience report

Aunt Zhang’s text message was excited on the spot. She thanked Zhang Aunt Zhongjun for giving me this opportunity. Successfully participating in the test has a feeling that you cannot live up to the trust of the public. I think many people will feel similar. When I received the SMS notification, I wanted to come out of the box, but I couldn't help pulling it off when I received the delivery. Demolition! Demolition! Now.

In order to increase the readability of all testimonials, this experience report I try to prevent the articles from being lengthy under the premise of guaranteeing quality. Some of the self-reviewed parts of some of the previous test reports seem to have a good response, so this time is still straight to the point. Quickly and quickly answering the question to start the article, interested people can read the full text, I hope you can easily read this test article, interest is not particularly large value friends, take a quick look and answer, sweep the map and video also Can understand about Ticwatch2.

Get up to speed quickly

Q: What do you want to say before the experience report begins (important) ?
A: 1. I use an Android phone. The features mentioned below only represent the experience of an Android machine . 2, I assigned to the classic version of the Ticwatch2 stainless steel strap, so the appearance of the leather strap and plastic strap belongs to the individual purchase , not the watch comes with. 3, the public test is not a soft article, I will share the advantages and disadvantages, in view of the online report does not report the soft paper more worry, I hope there are ready to start Ticwatch2 value friends after reading this test article will not produce too much The negative feelings , after experiencing Ticwatch2, I think the product is still very good, and the overall stability and fluency , and the new products will inevitably have some minor problems, but this does not hinder the general, it is important that the various functions of Ticwatch2 to us A new kind of smart experience, and it is a fun and practical experience!

Q: What are the current versions of Ticwatch2 ? What is the difference ?
A: Ticwatch2 has Yue moving series, classic series, fine porcelain series . Emotion is the basic configuration model, the classic series has more 3G communication , while the different versions of the classic series are more leather or stainless steel strap, sapphire screen . Fine ceramic series is mainly added to the ceramic back cover . Detailed configuration can be seen in this page of the official website, point me to point me.

Q: How is the cheapest Tekwatch2 Elan series configuration?
A: Plastic strap + Bluetooth 4.1 + WIFI + GPS + 512 RAM + 4 GROM + 400 x 400 pixel 1.4 inch OLED screen + 1.2 GHz MT2061 dual core CPU + heart rate .

Q: Compared to a generation of products, what upgrades and differences does Ticwatch2 have?
A: Ticwatch2 has more 3G communication modules (the mobile version is not available) and GPS module . In addition, the heart rate sensor is strengthened . However, the waterproof level of Ticwatch2 is shrinking. It used to be IP67 and now it is IP65 . On the screen, TFT was changed to OLED, the PPI was increased from 214 to 287 , and it supports the low light (Chang) mode.

Q: How is the Ticwatch2 out of the box?
A: As far as the texture of the box is concerned, it is less than satisfactory and more than satisfactory. At least it looks like there is a lot more texture than moto 360 and Tuman's box.

Q: The picture I saw on the Internet, Ticwatch2's crown is on the left, the traditional table on the right, how is your right?
A: As a smart watch, the interface can be exchanged , and the interface can be changed from top to bottom. The natural crown is all right and left. The reason why the official chart is crowned on the left is to make it easy for everyone to use the "wrap around" function.

Q: Did you find any concerns before the trial was superfluous ?
A: Yes, I was worried that the crown was not used on the left side. Later, it was discovered that it could be changed. I was worried that the vibration was not strong enough and I would miss notifications. Actually, this is also a superfluous worry. Before that, I was worried that if Bluetooth was connected to Bluetooth for a long time, it would not reduce the life of the phone. The actual impact was not very large.

Q: During the trial process, what do you think of the core experience of Ticwatch2 ?
A: Change the dial, notice, heart rate, pedometer, exercise .

Q: How is Ticwatch2's payment function ? Did you experience zhuangbility?
A: It is easy to use . Achieved , at least cashier sister paper is the first time to see this payment method .

Q: What is Ticwear ? What is Android wear ?
A: You can understand that Ticwear is an Android wear customized for the Chinese market, and Android wear is Google's system for smart watches. To give an example that is not completely accurate, Ticwear is like MIUI, and Android wear is naturally native Android.

Q: Ticwatch2 dial-generation change is what kind of experience?
A: It's funny. When I don't agree, I change, change, and change! With the strap change together, the effect is better , there will be maps and videos below.

Q: Can the Ticwatch2 be replaced with any strap ? What are the specifications for replacement?
A: The actual measurement can be changed for the strap. Generally, the 20mm flat interface strap can be directly replaced.

Q: What is the convenience of Ticwatch2 in combination with your life?
A: I do n't need to use mobile phones to watch the time (this isn't nonsense). It's OK to watch the mobile phone and raise my hands to see the watch. This is especially convenient if you are on the road or when your mobile phone is not at your fingertips. It will be able to pay , but it is convenient and compelling.

Q: How is Ticwatch2's voice interaction?
A: To be honest, it's better than some of the devices I used to experience, and it's more accurate. Sometimes it is automatically associated and corrected. But I personally don't like talking to my watch.

Q: How about the life of Ticwatch2 ? How about charging speed ?
A: Take a look at the time, take a look at the notifications, and occasionally toss the slightest use of it. Even if you turn on the constant light mode, you can easily reach home . This can be assured, but the fresh period is always unplayable. Two rushes a day. Ticwatch2 uses wireless charging, put the watch on the charger, it will automatically magnetic absorption, and then you can start charging, and it takes about 80 minutes to fully measure.

Q: If I'm not a 3C lover and hate tossing, can I easily try Ticwatch2?
A: Yes, a must-have app, a watch on a Bluetooth connection, you can start using it with a simple setting.

Out of the box

The Ticwatch2 classic series uses a watch case similar to a traditional watch. It looks quite textured, and the Elantra series has a little more meaning.

The top of the box has a golden Logo, ticwatch, but I have seen several logos with different logos in different interfaces, such as tic, Tic, TIC . After the proposal is still unified.

On the side of the box is a slogan of Ticwatch2: time is orderly and life is interesting. Outside of this, the watch box has no redundant design.

After opening the Ticwatch2 watch box, we can see the watch directly, because it is fake out of the box, so the film above I have already torn. The right side of the watch box is a charging base included with the steel strap , which will be introduced separately.

Pull up the watch, you can see there is a table box pillow in the strap, before always worried about dialing the dial is not convenient, and this pillow helped me very much.

At this point, the Ticwatch2 smart watch is fully displayed in front of us. I've got the classic version of the steel strap . It costs 200 more than the classic version of the other leather straps. I don't know which value is assigned to the friendly shipment. The sapphire version appears to be randomly assigned. Tamacat's past to watch the bamboo steel strap or the general steel strap is also about 150 +, which to choose to see everyone, personally feel that this strap texture is still good, that is too heavy point.

Classic version of the steel strap

On the left is the more common steel strap. On the right is the Ticwatch2 bamboo steel strap. A 1mm screwdriver is included in the watch case to adjust the length of the strap.

Ticwatch2's original stainless steel bracelet supports quick release and can be directly removed without the aid of tools . Ticwatch2's original straps of other models also have this design.

For everyone to have a family portrait, the Ticwatch2 has a watch, a data cable, a wireless charger, a 5V1A charging head, a watch case pillow, and a manual . This screwdriver is included with the steel version.

42mm caliber

The case diameter of Ticwatch2 is 42mm , but I actually measured it as 41mm. Next to the Ticwatch2 is a Citizen watch, which has a case diameter of 34mm, which is much smaller. The Tissot Locke Department, which deliberately went to the inferior street, had a size of 39mm, so the dial of the Ticwatch2 was not particularly large. It was only that the Citizen was relatively small. And now it looks like a popular dial?

As an aside, this Citizen watch was bought in a period of almost fifteen years in the past, and bask in the light also compare time to go, but still felt light can go watch, simply black science and technology. Sometimes people do not wait to see Little Japan, but people’s technology is still quite good. In the past fifteen years, except for the first year of violent use (the second year students do not know what to cherish, anyway, all kinds of falls, all kinds of strokes In the rest of the year, either in front of the window for a few years, or in the drawer for a few years, there was no battery replacement in 15 years, but it is still healthy. This table was bought for hundreds of pieces at a time. I don't know if the Citizen watches have fallen, or if there was no online shopping at that time. It was because of a physical store or if the technology was developed. It looks like the same hundreds of pieces can now be purchased and it seems to be forcing. Many of the Citizen kinetic energy tables, especially in Aunt Zhang's Meiya Haitao Channel.

This "crater" charging base is also included with the Ticwatch2 stainless steel strap. After installing the charger, it is probably the same as the above. The charging base is made of soft rubber and is quite comfortable to touch .

The "Crater" charging dock has a charger slot on the back of the charger to make the table look cleaner. Personally think that if this charging base is black, it will be more textured.

Local appearance

A very significant difference in appearance between the 2nd and 1st generation of Ticwatch is that the back cover of the 2nd generation is replaced with a piano paint, but I think the back cover of the metal is more textured and looks even better. This black big plastic All of a sudden the force was shot down , although others did not look at the back and side of the watch so carefully. In addition, some people worry about the crown around the issue I do not repeat, we look at the above part of the quick ask.

Under the dial, there is a hidden winding “touch bar” on the opposite side of the crown. Users can control the watch by sliding, clicking, etc. in this area. I don’t know how other valued friends feel. I think this feature is very tasteless. I didn’t use this feature anymore, I prefer to operate directly on the screen.In addition, I’m used to putting the crown on the right side of the watch like a traditional watch, and the touch bar is naturally on the left, so that the reverse operation It's not that convenient.In the precious space of the watch , I would also like to replace this winding with other functions, such as NFC, for example, to put more batteries, and not to go to bed, to make the watch thinner . Not to mention that this "wrap around" touch bar occasionally fails, and the restart is back to normal.

The heart rate sensor can be seen on the back of the watch. Compared to a generation of products, the Ticwatch2 is equipped with a larger area of ​​dual-LED PPG optical heart rate sensors, and the heart rate will theoretically be measured more accurately.

Ticwatch2 watches hidden above the speaker, do not carefully overlooked easily, in a non-noisy environment, the volume can handle calls, notifications and reminders are not to mention, not to mention the time of the watch will also shake, vibration intensity is not small, Therefore, the probability of missed notification will be greatly reduced. At the other end of the watch body, there is a small, small hole, which is the position of the microphone. This concludes the unpacking session and the pairing watch starts below.

Ticwatch2 Watch Pairing, Ticwear Assistant

To use Ticwatch2 for the first time, we need to do a pairing. Before pairing, we want to install a Ticwear assistant on the phone. This is a mobile app that manages Ticwatch2 and is the only software that will be installed .

The pairing process is very simple, open the Ticwear Assistant APP to scan the QR code on the watch, then simply set the next preference, then the next step, the next step, the next step, and the next step.

Here you can set the direction of the crown , so you don't have to worry about the crown on the left and the watch looks weird. I set the crown to the right when I arrived.

The new Ticwear system has a function of picking up the watch lock screen. When the system detects that the watch has been removed, if you want to enter the watch system or watch the notification, you need a pattern unlocking process. If you feel it is not necessary, you can also jump. Over.

An APP + a watch, you can start a new experience. This year is not a smart watch experience, I am sorry to say that they love 3C.

This is the main interface of Ticwear's assistant. The interface is very simple and clear at a glance. When you have new software installed on your phone, remember to click “Sync Application” in Ticwear Assistant.

We can manage watches through Ticwear assistants, such as the status bar's accounting card, notification center and so on. On the whole, the operation is still very simple, unlike some devices that require tedious setups when they arrive, and it is often the first and second major to figure out the various functions. To add, remember to give the Ticwear Assistant App permissions in the application management of the mobile phone and allow it to start .

Ticwatch2 3G Features and Tariffs

After successful pairing, APP will prompt you to open 3G function . This is a new function added by Ticwatch2. After it is turned on, this watch can make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and access the Internet. It is equivalent to an independent mobile phone, and you do not Need to insert a SIM card, Ticwatch2 uses the eSIM card, you only need to activate the operator on it . The advantages of the eSIM card are many. If the communication operator does not vote against it, it should be able to be widely used on mobile phones. As a reminder, the watch can be returned after activation .

Comparison of conscience is a 3G tariff Ticwatch2: No long distance, no roaming charges, no monthly, call Mao 0.15 / minute, and 9.9 yuan package version contains 30 minutes of voice traffic + 50MB. Considering that the watch is only a continuation of the mobile phone, it is not the main call and Internet access device. Actually, the 3G of the Ticwatch2 is considered to be very cheap, and there will not be a higher post-use cost. Of course, you can also not open the 3G function at all.

Android Wear China Version Compatibility Mode

Ticwear supports AW compatibility mode, namely Android Wear compatibility mode, but Android Wear here refers to Android Wear China version. Some users on the forum hope to be compatible with the international version of Android Wear as before.

Although this feature, but the actual use is not convenient, I also set up a few successful open AW compatibility mode, Ticwatch2 official is not encouraged to open this feature . At the same time, the two mobile assistants will be even more power-consuming. Second, the connection process will be more troublesome . Some people will succeed at the same time, and some will be tossing for a long time or fail. If it's not oil, it's faint to watch Android Wear getting help. After opening AW, the biggest advantage is that you can reply to WeChat on the watch, if you are not very attached to this point or give up AW compatibility mode. Regarding the inconvenience of the AW compatibility model, it cannot be completely attributed to Ticwatch2 . Everyone thinks that Google understands the situation in China. Because some people understand the actual situation, the Chinese region can't use the international version of Android Wear perfectly. So many Chinese companies see business opportunities. Launched a custom watch system based on Android Wear, Google also later launched the Chinese version of Android Wear, balabala seemingly pulled away. .

After successfully enabling AW compatibility mode and synchronizing applications, Ticwatch2 has a WeChat icon in the application menu. After opening, we can see WeChat payment and recent contacts, open a contact, and we can reply directly to the heartbeat on the watch. , some preset expressions, voice, text. The text here is a voice conversion, not a watch input. Sometimes we need to force the closure of WeChat in application management, and then turn it on again, the watch can be connected to WeChat , and then considering that the AW mode mentioned above is not easy to connect with electricity, so this watch-side WeChat experience can only be described as general . In short, I ended up giving up the AW mode. Anyway, you can watch the WeChat notice and reply to the mobile phone.

Ask the app store

If you do not meet the Ticwatch2's own features, you can also download an "Ask App Store", which is a collection of APP developed specifically for smart watches .

Because it is new, ask the quality of software in the application store is uneven, a bit like the Android market five or six years ago. Some software ideas are interesting, but they are not mature enough and compatibility is not good. In addition, there are some soft swimmers that are equipped to go to the point of opening to see the kind of three-second deletion, and ask the application store more than 90% of the game is not as good as the eight-bit machine. Tucao goes back to Tucao, but it still has to be understood. After all, it is still a new thing, at least the watch system itself is stable and easy to use. Ticwatch2 has a gyro and a WIFI, natural and wearable products. It might be a good idea if you can use it as a somatosensory device to interact with smart TVs and mobile phones.

After the fresh period, I only left three applications on the phone , an official mobile assistant - Ticwear assistant; an official application market - ask the application store; a third-party dial software - dream dial . Because the dial change is an important experience of the round smart watch, so I talk about this separately.

Change the dial

Pictured above are some of the official Ticwatch2 dials. We can change the dials on Ticwatch assistants, or you can press the watch screen to replace the dials. The third-party dial software is usually downloaded first and then pushed to the watch. The download speed is very fast and the push is also very convenient.

The figure above is the dial used in these days, some from third parties, some of the official dial. Basically sports, electronics, and leisure are all there. Some of the dials are even from well-known brands , probably because of copyright issues. This type of dial is only seen on third-party dial app .

For example, does the dial look familiar ? If you do not see it, please open page 22 of the first issue . If you don't have this book, please click me to point me.

Dangdang Dangdang! This is the same paragraph of the Star Trek men's watch dial, see "Value" when the table is a bit of interest in the "Word" sun drying when I also mentioned that there are screenshots for the card. I did not expect to "requite" in this way.

Finally put a still photo of the man.

Some third-party dial-up software needs to be over the wall to use it, and some will increase power consumption inexplicably, so I eventually chose the Dream Watch, a third-party app. The above video shows everyone the process of dialing and changing the dial. The first half of the video is part of the official own dial, the latter half is a third party dial.

The combination of the dial and the strap is even better .

This is when the original steel strap, the watch looks more grade, more mature, biased towards business casual feeling.

However, I personally prefer to wear a leather strap. Most of the time I use this dial with a brown leather strap.

Finally, the plastic sports strap, put on the electronic wind dial, a kind of seconds to change the feeling of Casio. The three straps were carefully experienced, or the plastic strap was slightly better at wearing it. It was the most comfortable, light and soft.

The Ticwatch2 dial has three display states. The two types of dials from the top to the bottom of the diagram are the bright screen, the low light status (the constant light mode), and the black screen . If you turn on the constant light mode, Ticwatch2 will remain in a low light state, and when you raise your hand to see the watch, it will automatically change to a light screen state. We can see that the dial of the low-light status is black and white, and the brightness is very low. This design is naturally to save the point, and some dials have a completely different dim light pattern and bright screen style. If you don't turn on the always-on mode, Ticwatch2 will keep the black screen. When you raise your hand to watch, it will enter a bright screen. I have always turned on the constant light mode during the experience.

Ticwatch2 interface and features

Finish talking about the Ticwatch2 interface and function below the dial. In many people's eyes, smart watches are still novelty wearable devices, but they are actually very simple and convenient to use. Ticwatch2's Ticwear system operation is basically no difficulty, click to enter, slide flip, right slip many times is to return, and click the crown to return to the dial interface; long press the crown can be restarted or shut down; double-click the crown to take a screenshot , Screenshots will be automatically sent to the phone album.

In the dial interface, we pull down Ticwatch2, you can call up the status interface, this interface can swipe left and right to switch shortcut cards. The left slide on the dial interface can enter the ask page, slide right to enter the application menu, and slide up to enter the notification interface. Take the figure in the lower right corner as an example, the notification interface interface will display the notification of the status bar of the watch synchronously. The text content of the notification and the content from which the APP will be displayed will be displayed in this interface. There will be no delay in notification and the phone will ring. When I was doing my homework, I noticed that there was a delay in the response notifications of a handful of people. I never encountered it anyway.

Here on a small video, everyone can see which interface Ticwear will slide up and down and left and right.

In the Ticwear system, there is a reason to place voice interaction in the important place of the left-sliding interface. That is, Ticwear system is going out and asking the company to research and develop, and Ticwear system's voice technology is also coming from the company. This is Android native. There is a Google search box in the main interface of the system. In fact, Chinese voice search is also out to ask the company's core technology, Google also invested in this company. In this way, Ticwatch can be regarded as half of Google's own son! If you are not familiar with how this voice system plays, it will prompt everyone in the search for what I actually see "what is worth buying" and also on the popular search!

Many voice search results are well-integrated with third-party data. For example, searching for food will provide results from popular reviews. Searching for nearby beauty will provide data of Huatian Dating Network. In addition to these results can be seen in the watch, you can also click on the "mobile phone view", then the phone's browser will automatically open the relevant page; some voice control will call out the system's own features, such as making calls, alarm clock, weather, etc. . In contrast, Ticwear's voice recognition rate and speed are very good, but I personally do not like talking to the watch.

The figure above is the application menu of Ticwear system. Finally, a few of them are installed by the landlord himself. Here we talk about these features one by one, the following many functions can be set directly to the shortcut card, do not need to individually open one by one .

The first is the phone function. If the 3G function is not activated, then after entering the phone function of the watch, we can check the recent call history of the mobile phone, the contacts on the mobile phone, and the dialing interface. Click on the dial, the phone will call out, this time, you can think of Ticwatch2 as a Bluetooth Headset that can view contacts and free dialing, in real time it does have microphones and speakers, can really use when Bluetooth headsets. This feature is really convenient, very convenient, and very convenient! As for the SMS function, it cannot be used without activating 3G.

In the health function of Ticwatch2, we can check the number of steps today, we can also measure the heart rate, and set some of these two functions. During the actual use, the step data has an anomaly, and the steps are much higher. The data recorded by my mobile phone is quite normal at other times. As for the heart rate results, I only compared the data of the heart rate of a blood pressure monitor, which is almost the same, especially the last few data at the time of each test.

The small features such as weather, stopwatches, recordings, timers, alarm clocks, and calculators on the Ticwatch2 I didn't start talking about, meaning nothing. The news on Ticwatch2 comes from today’s headlines. Personally, I personally don’t like today’s headline app on mobile phones. The headlines, Shantou Party, carpet literature, and good and non-standard soft papers are piled up. I prefer to use them instead. Zaker reads the news. With the topic back, these news can be viewed on the mobile phone in addition to the watch, and the browser of the mobile phone will automatically open the relevant webpage, which is quite convenient.

In addition to the normal view of the phone's QQ notification, you can also open the QQ close friend function, this time open the watch on the QQ close friend icon, we can directly use the watch and QQ friends talk voice, but QQ close friend function requires your QQ friends one by one Authorized talent, practicality greatly reduced.

Ticwatch2 joins the GPS module and naturally adds map navigation. Map resources come from Sogou. It's okay to deal with it at no time. It's not practical to navigate with the watch for a long time. It's too tiring to lift your hand. Secondly, the screen is too small.

If your mobile phone is worth buying APP, then Ticwatch2 can also see what is worth buying icons. After entering, you can see the latest discount information, click to open to see the details. As for the original channel and all channels, it will not be visible on the watch.

Ticwatch2 sports function

Sports records are one of the core functions of smart watches. Ticwatch2 supports data records of outdoor running, outdoor walking, indoor running, outdoor riding, and free training. It mainly records exercise time, mileage, calorie consumption, trajectory, and exercise time. Heart rate and so on. The user's height, weight, and age must be pre-filled during the initial trial.

Movement data, including motion trajectories, sometimes appear abnormal. For example, the right picture above shows that I walked 9.71 km in 34 minutes walking outside, and what is the concept of walking 9.71 km in 2100 steps? A step of 4.6 meters! There are also problems with my walking trajectory, I almost fly the same straight lines between buildings, but also missed my first half of the trajectory. Although this anomaly does not happen every time, this anomaly still affects the user experience, especially for those sports fans. To say a few words, if you want to open the Ticwatch2 track record, the watch needs to connect the phone at the same time, the phone also wants to open the GPS, can not directly open the watch's own GPS, the official forum's answer is: Yes! However, the Bluetooth connection between the watch and the phone must be disconnected. This NM is set by which engineer. You come out and I won't hit you . In addition, the trajectory of Ticwatch2 is just a picture, and it cannot be zoomed in and zoom out as it is on the map, let alone the trajectory data.

Ticwatch2 pays offline

Ticwatch2 supports Alipay's offline payment. Just pair it in the mobile Alipay APP. After the authorization is successfully paired, you can open Alipay on the watch and you will see the barcode and QR code. This is a way to use mobile payment Alipay code payment. It is enough for the cashier to scan, and it can be paid offline.

When doing homework, I noticed a user reaction. Some supermarkets couldn't recognize barcodes properly, but the QR code could be. I tried to use the barcode to go to the supermarket and tried it. No problems were encountered.

Just remember when I paid for it quickly, I said "Pay Alipay".
The cashier whispered the goods while saying "good"
The cashier at the end of the scan was naturally holding the scanner and waiting for my Amoy cell phone, but I didn't find out that I had taken the watch out of the payment interface and stretched it.
I just shook my lower wrist and said "Try to swipe my watch."
The cashier's sister-in-law took note of the watch and asked a bit of suspiciousness to say, "Will you pay for this?"
“You try it first.” I said that the result was a natural success. The landlord took his wrists.
After half a second of silence, the entire supermarket was boiling. Many people's eyes filled with excited tears, thunderous applause and prolonged, and I only left a cool back, deep in skill and name. (This sentence is YY, the above are all true)

After the watch is bound to Alipay, it can also support the watch to pay for it without payment. That is, when the watch is attached to the mobile phone, the mobile phone Alipay payment does not require entering the password. In addition, if the watch is offline payment, you will immediately receive an Alipay payment information to inform the payment amount and time.

Ticwatch2 experience summary

Finally, a small summary of the advantages and disadvantages of Ticwatch2:

1, Ticwatch2 overall color value is good.
2, cost-effective, strong playability.
3, in the smart watch features more complete.
4, support offline payments.
5, the system is stable and smooth.

1. Occasional abnormalities in pedometer and exercise records.
2, no NFC.
3, "wrap around" control feels tasteless.
4, when the white dial, the round screen border has a little jagged.
5. The back cover of the watch is not metal.
6, compared to the previous generation, IP67 was to IP65.

Personal tips for improving Ticwatch2
The following are all more trivial experiences.

1. The pace is occasionally inaccurate. Some indicators in the sport function will be abnormal, and the motion trajectory will sometimes be abnormal. The motion data is one of the core functions of the smart watch. It is hoped that the future firmware update can solve this problem.

2. When sitting, it is very accurate to raise the hand and the screen is bright. However, when standing or walking, the judgment is not so accurate. When a person walks, he only looks at the watch from a small angle, and the dial is only at a small angle. It will not be so standard to raise hands and watch the action. At this time, if the watch does not have a bright screen, you still need to continue turning it inwards again. The matter is small, but the time has come a few times a day, it still affects the use of feelings, I hope that the future firmware update can solve this problem .

3, raise the hand bright screen function of the reaction faster point just fine, I hope to enter the watch position, the watch has been lit, rather than have entered the watch position when the screen light, compared to the judgment is accurate, I also hope that the prediction is accurate . It's the time of a few tenths of seconds that can bring a better experience. First of all, I don't have to wait for a few tenths of a second. Second, if I've raised my hand and the screen is bright, I can almost turn off the low light mode. Life will increase.

4. In the state of low light, although the watch will vibrate and ring when receiving the notification, the screen will not display the notification content. Unless you raise your hand to watch the watch, the content of the bright screen will be displayed, but sometimes I just sit. In front of the computer, hands on the table did not move, the watch into the low light mode, the dial is still within my sight, why not still let the notice on the screen display this time? The contents on the dial can be seen at a glance. Why should I lift my hand?

5, if you want to record the trajectory of the movement, then you need to open the GPS function of the mobile phone, if the mobile phone does not open GPS, you can not see the track in the motion record. Unless you disconnect the Bluetooth connection between your watch and your phone, the GPS in your watch will also be recorded. However, in this case, the watch loses all functions related to the phone, such as notifications. This kind of setup is too inhumane. It is recommended to design the watch so that when the mobile phone is turned on without GPS, it turns on its own GPS to record the trajectory without disconnecting the mobile phone. In addition, the various functions of the motion record hope to be more professional, such as the trajectory can be exported.

6, if you put the payment package in the pull-down shortcut card, then the card can only see the bar code and can not see the two-dimensional code, but when doing homework, some users found that some supermarket scan code reader can not be very good recognition The bar code, but the two-dimensional code can be identified, so it is recommended to add the quick switching function of the QR code in the Alipay card. After all, when using a watch to pay for the payment, if the success or failure of the watch is to be considered, then if the barcode on the Alipay card cannot be correctly identified, I need to enter the application interface to open Alipay and call up the QR code. When the payment is made by the supermarket, After a successful sweep, it is a successful installation. If you fail to succeed, you can make a successful cut. If you fail, you will be forced to succeed. However, if you fail, you will use your watch to make a fuss. It will be particularly silly. The waiters waited for you, the lined up people stared at you, and the controls for one second were capitalized. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, I first open Alipay first in the application menu. In case I can't identify the barcode, I can immediately draw out the two-dimensional code, go to the wrist and deepen my skills.

7, the "small volcano" charging base attached to the steel strap touches it, but it looks a little low, and it has a 9.9-inch visual quality. If it can't be redesigned, I think it will be better to change it to black. point.

8, this round smart watch does not have a photoreceptor, it can not automatically adjust the screen brightness, but can not add some "curve save the country" settings in the system: For example, during the daytime the brightness is automatically high, when the brightness is automatically low in the evening. Now some weather forecasts can accurately determine when the local sun is down, and why not use it; or simply allow users to set which time is short and high brightness, which time period is low brightness; or Ticwatch2 detects that the mobile phone is connected to the home Or when the unit is WIFI, the user is usually indoors, then the watch can turn down the brightness. In short, it is bright when it is bright, dark when it is dark, and everything is for saving and life.

The full text is finished.

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