Breakthrough in artificial intelligence, IBM created the world's first artificial phase change neuron

IBM's research center in Zurich has created the world's first artificial nano-random phase-change neuron. Specifically, IBM has created 500 human nano-random phase-change neurons and used them to process signals, just like our human brain. same.

This is a striking breakthrough. They use materials that we are familiar with, and like human neurons, they use ultra-high energy to transmit signals at very high speeds. More importantly, they are random like biological neurons. Sex, the signals they produce are always slightly different.

Like our human neurons, IBM's artificial neurons are composed of dendrites, neuronal membranes, nuclei, and axons. The most critical technology is the nerve cell membrane. In humans, the neuronal membrane is a two-layered lipid structure that is not electrically conductive, but when the dendritic end accumulates enough energy, it produces its own bioelectric current and travels along the axon to the next neuron.

The nerve cell membrane of IBM artificial neurons is composed of a square GST bismuth alloy, which is a material which is easy to produce phase change. It can be in the crystalline phase or amorphous phase. The GST alloy in the crystalline phase is Insulated, while the amorphous phase GST alloy is electrically conductive.

Like the biological neurons, the input current accumulates, and the GST alloy slowly changes from the crystal phase to the amorphous phase, and finally the current passes, generating a neural signal. After a while, the GST alloy will return to the crystalline phase and the neurons will reset. Moreover, the GST alloy will be slightly different from the previous one after each reset, which produces randomness.

So far, IBM has built a neural network composed of 500 human neurons. Maybe in the near future, we can embrace the arrival of artificial intelligence, let us wait and see.

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