I can eat all the equipment you have. Logitech K780 multi-device wireless Bluetooth keyboard public measurement report.


As a standard silk yarn, first of all, I would like to thank Zhang Aunt for her great love. Thank you for giving me such a great grace. Dare has no return. I only tried my best to write this test. The report, because it was written for the first time, coupled with the fact that it was a little white one, didn't know how to use routines. If there was anything wrong with it, you would also like to ask the master magistrate and Zhang Aunt to keep my chrysanthemum. The younger brother thanked him! ! Thank you very much!


Receiving the courier is simply overjoyed, don't ask why, because the “value” that can only be seen on TV can actually appear in front of me. “The word is worth it” is not a word in my heart. calm. My world is full of stars!

The front of the K780 package is very simple and the color is dream blue, which is quite stylish and concise. Then put the appearance of the K780 into a center of the package with a beautiful angle, allowing the player to understand the real sample of the keyboard body from the package, and it is very useful!

The reverse side of the packaging is a detailed introduction to the functions of the keyboard in English and Chinese: It can be used to switch between different devices, comfortable and quiet input experience, equipped with a mobile phone flat support and supports a variety of operating systems and more!

Side print is also the appearance of the K780 side.

Open the keyboard packaging is this appearance, the keyboard is wrapped in transparent film paper, the bottom of the keyboard is also separated by a hard paper, to strengthen the shock protection, broken courier brother's blast dream! (PS: Some Express Blasting Teams, Most Courier Brothers Are Still Super Good)


Speaking of the appearance of the product, this is indeed one of Logitech's strengths. Personally I feel that Logitech's product design is very prominent. This time the K780 uses a non-standard 96-key arrangement, the color is mainly black, supplemented by white, complementary, very classic wild, the entire keyboard is very slim, quite office style. Compared with the previous Logitech K380 and K480, is simply a big fit, continuation of the slim panel design and practical card slot design, practical and value of the combination, people have to kind of put the K780 as the desktop of the main impulse .

Take a close-up view of the two sides and look at the keycaps of the K780. The keycaps are mostly arc-shaped and concave inwards. Such keycaps are ergonomically designed to improve finger comfort at the time of entry. The key position is not inwardly concave. It may be that the F-zone keycap is too small, so that the user can use the F zone better when it is convex outward.

The back of the keyboard is also very simple design, black panel white border, printed in the middle of the "K780" character model, but also comes with four non-slip mats to protect the stability of the desktop.


Whether or not a keyboard is good-looking, in fact, in detail, it is indispensable for good kung fu. The details are perfect, not only embodying the craftsman's heart, but also greatly improving the quality of the keyboard. It can be recognized by consumers and can be easily seen. What about the details of the K780?

The first is the card slot in the upper left corner. If you look at it with the naked eye, you can't guess exactly what material it is. When the photo is taken out, it's actually a metal material. In fact, it's a rubber material. And when the phone is not scratched, the surface of the material is also treated with beauty, and the bluish speck brings out the taste of blue and white porcelain.

The keyboard's power button, located on the right side of the keyboard, uses a toggle design. Although the power supply is not marked with OFF/ON, the red-green label seems to be even more forcing.

In the upper right corner, there are indicator lights and power lights. When the power is turned on, the light will turn on and it will turn green. It will go out after a few seconds. Through the photos, you can also see the panel's panel processing is very beautiful, sandblasting process, the naked eye can see fine matte particles, full texture.

Can see the back of the keyboard process is the same as above, looks very comfortable, the border is!

The upper battery slot on the back of the keyboard can also be placed on the adapter to allow users to store the device when using a Bluetooth device. This greatly reduces the loss rate. Sometimes small things are gone. This is still good. (PS: According to Logitech, two AAA batteries can be used for two years. Normally, they will not deceive people. Basically, they can forget where the batteries are for two years.)

A close-up of a little guy!


Let me talk about the weight, personally feel that holding the K780 in the hands is still a little weight, so I could not help but took out my Heirloom to say something, actually found! !

I go inside, actually quick two pounds, haha! Because I didn't open it, I didn't know what stuff was inside. If I hadn't guessed correctly, there should be a built-in steel plate inside. That's fine. At least the tablet and the mobile phone are stable and stable. Don't worry about sitting on a quiet board. Is it wrong?

The hand feel is simple to mention, first look at the K780 from the side, in fact, the slope of the trapezoid is not very large, that is to give up the input height of the keyboard for the slim design, coupled with a relatively short key path, so personally feel that is not Very comfortable. Because I used to use the OEM keyboard mechanical height, so use K780 for a long time to ease, but it is better than no gradient. In addition, the key distance may be too compact for a player with a large hand, and it takes time to adapt. The touch is still very good. If it rebounds, it is very resilient. The bottom is not very hard, and the strength is moderate. Better, more rare.

Highlights: K780 is also compatible with the MAC system keys, Win, Alt keys can be converted to the corresponding Option and Command buttons on the Mac system, very convenient.

The button on the top of the K780 defaults to device control and media control. Press FN to implement F1-F12 functions. Generally smart friends can understand the pattern mark.


The slot of the keyboard is longer, and there is no pressure to place a tablet and a mobile phone.

K780 can connect three Bluetooth devices, and switch freely, switch the device through three white buttons “1(F1), 2(F2), 3(F3)” with LED lights. If you do not set the appropriate device in advance, the button light will blink and the user will be prompted to connect the device. If you want to change the connected device, long press the corresponding number key to switch. In addition to supporting Bluetooth connectivity, the K780 also offers an excellent USB receiver and supports 2.4GHz wireless connectivity.

After connecting, the system will let you enter the pairing code and press Enter to connect. However, when switching the PC connection, it is cumbersome. First press F3 to wait for the light to flash, then press FN+P to pair the USB connector.

According to the official introduction, the K780 uses a 128-bit AES encryption connection. The effective distance is 10 meters, which means it is stable and safe. After connecting to IP6S through Bluetooth, input about 8 meters can be well received, and processing documents or chatting is much faster than the virtual keyboard.

When connecting the PC, the receiver is placed on the rear end of the chassis. During the use process, no interference or delay is received from the chassis. This aspect is still good. Although the input delay cannot be compared with the wired device, it is used in the office. Basically, when you play the game, you do not think that wireless will affect you.

to sum up:

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages:


The appearance is exquisite, the color is simple and elegant, the details are in place, and the texture is outstanding.

The feel of the keyboard is worthy of recognition. The rhythm and fluency of typing after adapting to the round keycap is greatly improved.

Multi-device all-you-can-eat, convenient for office and entertainment in daily life.

The Bluetooth mode has strong stability and lasting endurance. It basically forgot the existence of the battery.


For the slim thickness of the keyboard to give up the comfortable input height of the keyboard, it takes time to adapt.

The price of 499 is a bit high.

In short, this keyboard I think is a high-B grid high practical integrated keyboard, what equipment can take it all, whether it is daily office or game entertainment basically can be used as the main force, but the case of high forced grid price of 499 Some people are far-fetched. People with lofty ideals, Logitech powder, or well-off people can go on!å•° å•° å•° å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦ å—¦

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