LED lighting companies must see: common scams for project bidding

Drilling holes in operation

1. The company that has circled the circle repeats: If the bidding unit or the bidding management department intends to let the company win the bid, the project will be classified into several bidding sections. The A bidding company of the first bidding section has already marked the circle when the bidding bottom is announced. The bidding unit or the bidding management department may also manipulate the judges to review the quotation and other non-tendering procedures.

2, Ming Zhao secret: the bidding unit or bidding management department after prequalification, determine several bidding units, organized a large study group to participate in the bidding unit to investigate. Each bidding unit mobilized the public, warmly received, and spent money. In fact, before the inspection, the bidding unit or the bidding management department has already determined an intentional unit, and set up the bid evaluation procedure and the evaluation method according to the characteristics of the company, the award quotation and the construction technical plan. .

3. Collusion and enthusiasm for excavation: The bidding unit selects a number of bidding units, including local enterprises, foreign enterprises and central enterprises. For example, the evaluation method stipulates that the percentage system will be used for evaluation and the high score will be awarded. In the business standard, the total package management fee is 5 points, the main material drop rate is 4 points, and the start-up fee is 5 points. All indicators of the company are based on the arithmetic mean of several bidders. The results of the bidding are very close to the indicators of several local enterprises. The result of the start-up fee is quite close to the market price, and the total package management fee is a uniform value. Then, the article will be published on the main material's drop rate, only listed by a small gap of 1.5%. In this way, the arithmetic mean is naturally controlled by these local companies, thus eliminating other competitors.

4. Target segment of dismemberment: In the bidding documents, it is clear that a certain paragraph is issued as a bidding section. However, in the bidding, if the conditions of the two bidding enterprises are not much different, the relationship of operation is also very "hard". In order to balance, the bidding unit will split a predetermined bidding section into two bidding sections, and each of the two will be the same. All three parties are happy. Then the complete project is divided into several pieces, and some even dismembered into more than a dozen pieces. The bidding book arbitrarily stipulates that this part of the item is not in the scope of this bid. The part of the material is not in this bidding circle, and the dismembered are all profitable. section.

5. Manufacturing time difference: The bidding unit or the bidding management department, in the name of grabbing time, deliberately shortens the date of purchase of the bid or the deadline for bidding, and arranges the deadline for the purchase of the bid to be placed on the next day of the announcement, so that most of them have Competitive companies cannot participate in the purchase. Only those companies that have a relationship with the owner can respond to it with prior information, and if they do not know the inside story or give up the standard due to lack of time.

6, disclosure of the standard dark box manipulation: If a project tender is divided into several majors, there are multiple single-item base. Among the bidding construction units, there are three units A1, A2, and A3 bidding and knowing some of them separately through the inside line, but they do not know the total base. One day before the bid opening, the bidding unit asked the three construction companies for quotations, and all three companies were close to the bidding price. However, before the bid opening, the bidding management department violated the bidding procedure, and asked the bidding unit of an intent unit that was not close to the bidding base to ask whether the price of the leaders of the three construction enterprises included the preferential price of the price reduction. A2, A3 units do not dare to answer. At this time, the A1 unit of the total standard base is known to have a bold response quote that does not include a preferential price, and can be lowered again. Finally, the A1 unit won the bid.

Drilling on the supervision

1. “Open evaluation” is not open. In the bidding process, the bidding base is not announced after the quotation of the bidding unit and before the bid evaluation by the judges, but the bidding base is announced only after the bid winner has announced the bid winner. If the bidder is the bidder's face, the public bidding will be quoted. However, the bidders are unclear whether this is the benchmark that has been approved before the bid evaluation, or the benchmark that has been adjusted during the bid evaluation process.

2. The bidding intention is determined by the bidding unit, and the evaluation method is freely changed. If a project is tendered, one enterprise shall be the winning bidder according to its technical standard, business standard and on-site reply. However, since it is not the original intention of the bidding unit, it is not fixed on the spot. The bidding unit will let the judges engage in “closed bid evaluation” and replace the winning bidder with another one. In the project bidding, the bidding unit or the bidding management department has formulated the evaluation and calibration method and approved it. However, if some bidders have a "strong operation", the bidding unit or the bidding management department will use the revised bid evaluation method to make the bid.

3. The project payment is arrears with the tender. The bidding document indicates that 30%--50% of the completion of the project is the start of payment. The actual situation is that it is difficult for the construction party to complete the 30%. Some of them are difficult to get to the project after the project is completed.

4. Arrears of construction costs by administrative means. When the project is completed, some places are reluctant to pay the full amount of the project. The local audit bureau is invited to re-audit the executed contract. The audit result is often “the contract signing unit is overpriced, and the XX fee should be reduced.” The audit decided that the construction party not only could not get the balance, but also refunded the money.

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