One can not be less, watch LeTV stick to the user three axes

After 919 fans approached, LeTV will once again set a new historical record.
As a TV industry subversive, Super TV brought a whole new gameplay. Since its inception, Super TV has gone through all kinds of training, from questioning to follow suit, from the explosion of explosive sales to the top TV sales list, and now has been in the TV market, and continues to lead the industry trend.
At present, it has a large user base, and the scale of users is still expanding, and the 919 Music Festival is another peak that will soon come. So, what charm does Super TV attract users? Why can it quickly capture the market in less than three years and become China's smart TV brand?
After combing analysis, the author believes that the following three points are firmly stuck to the user, and clearly differentiated from other TV brands: 1. Nearly demanding craftsmanship, which from top performance of super TV, highly artistic The appearance of the design is evident; 2. The model of the large-screen ecological service operator allows super TVs not only to watch videos, but also to be game consoles, shopping malls, movie theaters, etc.; 3. The ultimate experience for users, Super TV has a More consistent with the user habits of the desktop design of the focus, what you want to see UI design, and somatosensory manipulation.
1. Craftsmen's spirit Everyone who knows LeTV is aware that when LeTV develops each new product, it will have a standard, that is, it must be the top-level configuration and the highest performance product on the market, and it can meet future life. The long-term continuous operation in the cycle meets the needs of user experience.
For example, its latest release of the Super 4 X55/Ultra 4 X43/Ultra 4 X40 continues to lead the dual 3 era (3GB of memory + 32GB of flash memory), which is equipped with the latest and strongest Mstar6A938 chip, allowing users to enjoy large-screen performance aesthetics. Currently, LeTV is now entering the Mstar6A938 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 eras. It is only available in different sizes and sizes. In industrial design and manufacturing processes, ultra-slim fuselage, aviation-grade aluminum metal, dark-light breathing lamp, concealed back sandblasting backboard, and self-locking screws that can be installed without tools, reveals art-like aesthetics everywhere. pursue.
For LeTV’s near-paranoid craftsmanship, Liang Junju once said in an interview: “For example, our online platform provides 4K movie sources to members. Then, our terminal hardware must have corresponding screens, display technologies, and sound effects. The user's ultimate experience, in order to activate the music as the ecology and create more value. Therefore, the quality of the hardware is fundamental."
2. In order to better provide users with the ultimate service, LeTV recently announced that Super TV has launched a global “big screen ecosystem service provider” model that is unique to GM users and continues to create innovative ecological services through the ecosystem. Operational capabilities fully release user value and continue to lead the industry.
In the upcoming era of home Internet, Daping gradually became the entrance to entertainment and the Internet. It will mainly carry out services such as watching videos, shopping, games, etc., and this time LeTV announced the launch of the "big screen ecosystem service provider" model. LeTV once again found the user's needs with precision, once again took the lead in seizing the industry trend.
In fact, rich and colorful content is also an important advantage that LeTV Super TV distinguishes from other brands of TV. Super TV not only has public network content that everyone has, but also has its own content that others do not have.
For example, through Super TV, you can enjoy a wealth of high-definition television, hot variety, exciting animation, documentary exploration and so on. Super film and television members can avoid advertisements and enjoy smooth viewing. They enjoy exclusive films that are synchronized with the cinema, the latest European and American film and television dramas, and wonderful concerts and concerts from around the world. Super TV supports the complete music and sports ecology resources, fresh sports information and professional game analysis. Super Sports Members have exclusive access to the hottest live events, and they can also choose different sports cafés for commentary.
According to Ovi, the value of the home Internet market will enter a full-scale outbreak in 2017, and the large-screen ecology will break out within one year. At the same time, Ove Cloud Network predicts that by 2020, OTT terminals will exceed 400 million units, reaching 72% of household coverage, and the market size will reach 630 billion yuan. This shows that the living room screen has a broad market prospect.
3, the ultimate experience Today's Super TV with ultra-fast, smooth and smooth control experience, or can play TV. Somatosensory control, language manipulation, smart recommendation technology, VR panoramic 360-degree live broadcast and other latest technologies will become the new direction of smart TV development.
Such as Super TV, with a sense of gravity, 3D bone body, finger-level gesture technology, can create immersive game and operating experience for users; Lele voice has become a new traffic entrance; LeTV background big data system will be based on users. The proper behavior of the viewing behavior and custom automation recommendations is the most appropriate to meet the needs of users. What the user likes to see is what it presents.
Currently, Super TV's system is updated to the latest EUI5.8 Springer, achieving multi-desktop multi-desktop, 9-channel HD hard decoding support LIVE super live wall, synchronous cinema, happy to see, sports, games, children, shopping, music and other diverse content It is a desktop that supports a wide range of services such as point-of-view radar, multi-viewpoints, multi-views, side-by-side shopping, and barrage.

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