Wang Feng's Bluetooth Smart Noise Cancelling Headphones FIIL Diva - Bringing you an isolated hearing experience

First of all, thank you, Aunt Zhang, for giving me this chance to test. In other stations, there is also an overwhelming measurement experience, but this is the first time in the aunt (has never been reported). The moment of receiving a text message is a real surprise. The next step was to wait for the delivery of the mother, which lasted for two days and three days a day... The result was finally received a SF notification on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival. I was on my way back home and missed the three-day experience.

I heard that I can communicate with customer service to select colors. I didn't care too much about this matter. I received the bright moonlight and I was pretty good. Hey.

Survey outline:

I. Background II. Unpacking III. Functions IV. Use Experience 5. Fiil+APP VI. Summary

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First, background introduction

FIIL headphones are the earphone brand that rock musician Wang Feng personally participated in and founded. In addition, it has a research and development team consisting of former Huawei Technologies, Plantronics China R&D Center and BMW Design Center.

Fiil is a combination of English "fill" and "feel" homophonic sound, and opened the difference between i and l, there can be a lot of font changes, printed on the headset may be more prominent. Coincidentally, the first letter of the name is also the first letter of the peak.

On the evening of October 20, 2015, Wang Feng's profile product manager officially launched FIIL, a new brand of headphones in Beijing, and simultaneously released three FIIL headphones. On December 12th of the same year, fiil headsets launched FIIL-exclusive headsets in the first batch of experience stores.

August 9, 2016, Lunar New Year Festival. Fiil headset held in Beijing theme - Change! For My DIVA · FIIL headset new conference. Launched two heavy-weight products, the compact-ear smart wireless headphones FIIL Diva and FIIL Diva Pro.

The above information has been compiled from the Internet. Why is the reference not the previous style? There is no difference between the current and the text. . .

I believe everyone has seen good voices. On August 16, 2015, the real body of the fiil headset was officially unveiled. At the scene of a good voice recording, Wang Feng gave her "the world's first fiil headphones" on her birthday, and Zhang Ziyi also forwarded her microblog to Wang Feng. On the evening of August 21st, at the scene of a good voice recording, Wang Feng, who was a mentor, sent fiair headphones to each departing student to encourage them.

This time it was FIIL Diva. Yes, no, no, no, yes, P, r, o, don't hit me again. Two specific differences will be mentioned later.

Second, out of the box

Zhang Aunt Shunfeng shipped, packaging is intact. Beautifully done.

å¼€ Out of the box, a big portable box, it should not be very convenient to carry and take a trip.

⇲ Family portrait (except manuals and packaging), FIIL Diva X1, MicroUSB charging cable X1, 3.5mm male to male audio cable X1

⇲ FIIL Diva Detail Map

⇲ FIIL Diva has hundreds of curve-precise optimizations, several thousand live-wear tests, headband details, and texture.

⇲ Marked the left and right channel marks, but for the first time I really wear it in reverse, because the microphone is in front of me. Now I wear it right and the microphone is in the back. The sound effect is not good. (It is possible that the microphone was used to get ambient sound and then used for noise reduction, so it was placed in the back of the head)

⇲ FIIL Diva left and right speakers pull out to display product information, AB2 Not for sale, should be used for internal testing, so it also explains the XXXXXX ID of the left channel on the left.

⇲ FIIL Diva protein silk four ears detail, really soft, left and right ear cover angle ∠ 48 °, comfortable to wear.

Third, function

Functions that FIIL Diva & FIIL Diva Pro has:

The three most liked, active noise reduction, smart start and stop, gesture touch

⇲ Intelligent start and stop (intelligent sensing): Diva headset can automatically detect whether the user wears a headset, and then intelligently adjust their status. When playing music, take down the headset and automatically stop, put on the headset to play automatically, which will help save power, but also will not miss a good music because you forget that the headset is still playing.

⇲ gestures touch: detailed description of the use of the back panel

专利 Patented MAFTM Intelligent Noise Cancelling Technology My Audio FiilterTM

⇲ This technical effect is really good. The ambient sound heard in the open mode is only slightly smaller than without the headphones; in the listening mode only clear vocals are heard and other ambient sounds are filtered out; the noise reduction mode is a little As much as with the effect of 3M earplugs, colleagues did not hear from me when they listened to songs.

⇲ ANC active noise reduction:

FIIL Diva intelligent noise reduction, offset 96% low frequency noise. Feedforward + feedback hybrid ANC active noise reduction. Built-in 4 high sensitivity microphones. AMS chip and multi-stage filter network.

得多 About Noise Cancellation: Say a few words, the following science data is collected on the Internet:

There are two kinds of noise canceling headphones, active noise canceling headphones and passive noise canceling headphones.

Passive noise-reducing headphones mainly form a closed space by surrounding the ear, or use silica gel earplugs and other soundproof materials to block external noise.

The active noise reduction function is to generate a reverse sound wave equal to the external noise through a noise reduction system, neutralize the noise, and thereby achieve the effect of noise reduction.

Active noise reduction headphones, using active noise control, is different from the passive sound insulation of general headphones. The principle is:

1. Detect low-frequency noise in the environment that can be heard by the ear from the signal microphone placed in the earphone (100~1000Hz)

2. The noise signal is then transmitted to the control circuit and the control circuit performs real-time operation

3. Eliminating noise by emitting a sound wave of the same phase and amplitude as the noise from the Hi-Fi horn

4. As a result, the noise disappeared and disappeared

When searching for information, there are articles written to Filil. The actual effect is really good, as I said above, when the noise reduction mode is turned on, it is the same as wearing 3M earplugs. The effect is very good. I still remember that a student had used the theory of reverse sound waves to deal with square dance aunts in the news. He could also minimize the noise in the case of windows.

蓝牙 Bluetooth 4.1 lossless transmission, no loss of data can be proved, but the Bluetooth connection and use audio cable to connect the same sound quality. At the same time supporting the connection of two devices is also available on 4.1 itself, and it is indeed very convenient.

PS: The following is the feedback in use, but the final conclusion is that MAC/IPHONE/DIVA will cause music interruption due to frequent Bluetooth data communication with each other. Use normal connection alone.

In use, if two devices are connected at the same time, they can only receive the Bluetooth signal of one device at a time. When I've been listening to the music in the phone, I play the video in the MAC, and the music in the phone will be suspended. , But the voice in the MAC is intermittent, and only when the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is cut off, can the sound in the MAC be received normally.

When the battery is low, it will prompt for a break every time. In the first five minutes or so before the automatic shutdown, the headset will be in poor listening condition and listen to the music on the MAC intermittently. (The above may be accidental, to be added later

Supplement: Automatically shut down when power is exhausted. After charging, it is turned on. It automatically connects the mobile phone and MAC. However, when playing the MAC music, the earphone hears a beep (like a voice call), and then the sound quality of the music is poor. It's like calling. Bluetooth off the phone has not been resolved, and finally it is resolved after the headset is restarted, do not know where the problem.

Added: When listening to music while connecting to the MAC, it was intermittent because it was communicating with another device. At that time, the headset was only connected to the MAC, but I turned on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and the music intermittently appeared after a while. Because the earphone was connected to the mobile phone before, it was definitely in data communication, so the connection with the MAC was affected. After turning off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, the intermittent phenomenon disappears.

Added: It should be my mobile phone with NearLock/Command-C and other software that needs to communicate with the MAC Bluetooth connection, resulting in intermittent music, because at the same time the desktop mouse is stuck, so I think it is not the headset thing, wrong you , Hey.

⇲ Real Music: Hardware data is the official description

ç»­ Endurance: Received from Sunday, after the test machine, used APP pink noise to take a chance for 500 minutes, and then listened continuously for one afternoon and added 5-7 hours this morning.

Charging starts at 11:50 and is about 1:40 full.

From the 2:00PM start with the MAC listening to music, the minimum volume, noise reduction mode, did not shut down at night, but this morning at 9 o'clock, the headset has been automatically shut down, so the tentative conclusion of the endurance will not exceed 19 hours. As the evaluation is time-limited, follow-up supplements will be added.

⇲ FIIL+ supporting APP and cooperation with cool music start the era of FIIL music ecology (will be explained later in the fiil+APP)

⇲ In order to wear comfortably, FIIL's R&D team is also working hard. Based on the modeling of nearly 10,000 Chinese head database, based on thousands of real-life wearing tests, hundreds of times the wear curve is precisely optimized, the most subtle clamping force is positioned at 4N, the angle between the left and right earcups is 48°, and the earmuffs are soft. Breathable feel comfortable.

⇲ Because my head is relatively large, I actually put it to the maximum in my wearing. I didn't wear it the afternoon before yesterday, and my ears hurt a little after three hours. When I listened to the song yesterday morning, I moved the headset to the front of my face for two and a half hours without any discomfort. (The above is for personal use only. However, on the third day of use, there is no discomfort on the left side of the figure. It may be adapted, and there will be a better fit to help isolate external sounds.)

Differences between FIIL Diva and FIIL Diva Pro:

⇲ FIIL Diva Pro has 4G storage space and is the carrier of the following features. FIIL Diva does not

⇲ FIIL Diva Pro has built-in HD lossless HIFI player chip supporting 12 music formats such as FLAC/APE/WAV but FIIL Diva does not

⇲ FIIL Diva Pro supports MaxWide cinematic 3D audio but FIIL Diva does not

⇲ FIIL Diva Pro supports local “hello fiil” voice interaction. You can search Chinese and English songs by song title, singer, and tag (because there are 4G memory). Find songs by just saying the song name to the headset, either from the headset or cloud. In the music library you reach the song you want, but FIIL Diva does not (but this can be achieved through the later OTA upgrade, BTW: ask Ha, when you can upgrade?)

FIIL Diva Pro is equipped with a cable control cable, but FIIL Diva is not equipped with a FIIL Diva is equipped with a 3.5mm male to male audio cable.

FIIL Diva Pro presented one year of cool music to me but FIIL Diva did not

Fourth, use experience

耳机 The headset is switched on and paired with a Bluetooth device such as the mobile phone MAC.

When the newly purchased Diva headset is turned on (press and hold the multifunction button for about 2 seconds until you see the charge lamp light up and then release), the Bluetooth pairing mode is automatically entered, and the Fiil lights continue to flash. Paired headsets need to long press the multi-function button in the off state until the Fil light flashes.

⇲ Next, we will introduce various key functions of FIIL Diva.

(1) Convenient multifunction key (MFB)

One-key listening: Power on and in Bluetooth connection, short press MFB button to play/pause

Power on: Press and hold the MFB button for 3 seconds in the off state until the green light is on. At the same time, the headset will also send out boot music.

Shutdown: Press and hold the MFB button for 3 seconds while the camera is turned on until the red light is off. At the same time, the headphones will also send off the music.

Active connection: Short press MFB to initiate connection request when Bluetooth pairing is not connected

Check power: double-click MFB (also say connection status and MAF status)

Lit/anniversary Filic light: three strikes MFB

Evoke siri/voice assistant: hold MFB for 2 seconds in Bluetooth connection

Turn on/off the phone: Short press the MFB multi-function button when calling/calling

Rejecting the phone: Press and hold MFB for 2 seconds

(2) My Audio FiilterTM Intelligent Noise Reduction Technology

Short press the MAF button to turn on/off the My AudioFiilter function

When the MAFTM function is on, you can toggle the MAF button up and down, and cycle through the following modes:

High: Open mode; Medium: Partial listening mode; Low: Noise reduction mode

Double-click the MAF key to turn on/off the wind mode (suitable for windy scenes)

Read automatically when turning on

(3) Gesture touch : The method was not mastered at first and was not very sensitive. Correct method of operation: Slide diametrically from end to end .

Sliding control

Volume plus/minus: swipe up/down and touchpad

Next/Previous: Swipe/Slide the Touchpad Back (Bluetooth compatible models only)

Stepless adjustment

Volume plus/minus: long press up/down touchpad

Fast Forward/Rewind: Long press the front/back trackpad (Bluetooth compatible models only)

It may be due to personal operation reasons, touch operation is very sensitive from top to bottom, but before and after the failure rate is high.

Compatible models for Bluetooth mode only

Mobile end use: because the watercress music is not on a song, there is no progress bar, so some features can not be achieved, after switching other music players and video players, in addition to basic "fast forward / rewind" function other gestures touch All functions tested successfully.

In computer use: The volume addition and subtraction function can be normal, but the MAC does not display the volume addition and subtraction prompt icon. When playing with watercress music, Baidu music, QQ music, cool dog music, etc., the touch operation will only open iTunes, which can be used normally in iTunes, but due to Bluetooth connection, the operation sometimes has a delay (turn off the mobile phone Bluetooth Enough).

There is no WIN platform with Bluetooth in hand, but it is still waiting for other people to help test it.

(4) Charging and battery indication

Plug-in display is full and then off. When double-clicking the MFB to check the power, the following is displayed:

Green light >80% power

Yellow light: 20%~80% power

Red light: 10%~20% power

Flashing red: <0% <p="">

Use the fiil+APP bluetooth connection to view the remaining battery power

Diva supports wired passive mode, and it can continue to listen after the battery is exhausted!


Breaking machine is a measure to quickly stabilize the equipment. Actually it is in the diaphragm diaphragm ring, the new headphone diaphragm folding ring mechanical compliance is poor, resulting in relatively large distortion, after a period of time after use, the gradual improvement of good, distortion will gradually drop to normal levels.

As for the personal summary of the aircraft, follow these points:

1. Overall 30-50 hours

2. Use white noise, pink noise (noise like TV or radio no signal), gentle music such as ferry

3. Step by step, the overall time is divided into three to four phases, 1⁄4 the volume of the first 1⁄3 of the total time, then 1⁄2 of the volume, 1⁄3 of the total time, and 3⁄4 of the volume, the last 1⁄3 of the total time, and then normal listening That's it.

Emphasis: The new earphone must not play rock and other music directly at loud volume, it will bring irreversible damage to the earphone.

Of course, the above method is only a personal point of view, but in general the same, I used the pink noise of FIIL+ for 500 minutes and began to listen to music while listening to music with special low-pitched music. This is just my own method. This time, FIIL Diva only tested online and did not like to sneeze. Of course, also welcome the experience of God to add, or a special post.


进入 Enter the login page after booting, of course, can also enter as a tourist. BTW: Domestic APP access to Facebook and Twitter third-party login platform is not much, one look is to break into the rhythm of the international market, ah, ha ha.

⇲ After all the product list

⇲ Select FIIL Diva to enter the FIIL Diva page. When the user does not register the product, there will be a registration prompt (every time).

⇲ Style & MAF Settings Page

专 Special settings page

⇲ FIIL Diva swipes up to display the common actions page, which explains the different actions for the headset.

⇲ Click the button in the upper right corner to display more settings page

⇲ Left menu: The theme is three, simple, but basic enough, after all, this is not the point

下面 Let's talk about the headset function: I use the android and iOS versions of the FIIL+ headset function to take 200+ minutes each, for a total of almost 500 minutes.

The first two software crashes are not the same, android is much smaller than the iOS sound;

Secondly, after Android plays pink noise (around 30 seconds) each time, there will be a sonic boom (right channel).

⇲ Software recommends that you take the opportunity to take 3000 minutes and take a 5-minute break every 75 minutes.

The tips in the above image are spliced ​​and displayed only once at a time.

Six, summary: advantages and disadvantages


1. Beautiful appearance, elegant materials, great texture, very much like;

2. The noise reduction effect is good, the monitor mode is also very good, you can filter out other noises when you hear outside vocals;

3. Endurance is fairly good, at least once a day, no problem;

4. Gesture touch operation is very convenient;

5. It is comfortable to wear, and these two days are basically worn day by day, with no discomfort;

6. Have a portable box, easy to travel and carry, will not crush the headphones;

7. The supporting APP was updated in a timely manner. A few days after the release of the iPhone7 and iOS10, a new version of the APP was released for adaptation.


1. The microphone is not good enough, and the voice of the micro-channel voice is very small. The recording software will be better. The former may compress the audio.

2. The carrying case is a bit large, and it would be better to send one additional storage bag, or the portable case would be more exquisite and portable and protective;

3. The smart sensor can only be switched by the APP, because it is very easy to start the sensor panel when the headset is removed, if the headset can also be better off;

Concluding remarks: After a few days of experience, the overall evaluation of the fungus is 9.5/10. Sound quality, life, and control all meet my needs. Noise reduction is also the most worthy of the praise function, refueling diva, early earphone firmware, look forward to "Hello Fiil" function.

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