UAV lithium battery maintenance

The foreign Battery University website recently released an article on how to extend the life of lithium batteries, and put forward new conclusions on the use of batteries.

They claimed that the experimental results confirmed that the best maintenance method for lithium-ion batteries is light use, fast release and fast charge. This is similar to the method of using mechanical devices. The more frequently used and the more frequently, the more the battery will be worn out. fast. The lower the degree of deep discharge of the lithium battery, the longer it will be used, and if possible, avoid frequent full charge and discharge.

As far as the user is concerned, it is best to charge your battery with 10% and 20%. It is also possible to charge the remaining battery at 50%, but try to avoid charging when the phone indicates that the battery is low. No matter what the situation is. Run out of battery power. If you are away from home, try to use a larger battery or mobile power.

In addition, they also pointed out that the temperature of the use environment also has an impact on battery life. Excessively high (30 ° C) or too low temperature will cause loss of battery life. For example, a laptop that is often connected to an adapter power supply, it is best to remove the battery. In fact, this is not a charge that will damage the battery. Because the battery is not fully charged after it is fully charged, the laptop does not pay attention to the bottom ventilation when it is used. The situation will make the temperature overheat, which is the real nuisance affecting battery life. Of course, if there is a better use environment or cooling base, the battery can avoid the loss of unsaved data in the event of power failure.

In addition to the characteristics of the drone , when using the battery, try to avoid overcharging or overdischarging. Try not to exhaust the battery while flying, and keep at least 15% of the power when you return, and you should fly at a constant speed.

UAV lithium battery maintenance

If not used for a long time, do not fully charge the battery, which will further extend its service life.

There is an easy way to check if the battery is usable: check to see if it has a bulge. A battery with a drum kit must not be used. Some UAV-specific batteries are housed in a protective case to see if the battery is loose after installation. If the installation is not smooth, it is very likely that the battery expansion will deform the protective case.

UAV lithium battery maintenance

When using the battery, pay attention to the voltage and the speed of the power drop is too fast. Under normal circumstances, the use of the battery twice a week, at most one year, the battery will begin to age significantly.

UAV lithium battery maintenance

If you go out for aerial photography, you should also pay attention to the effect of temperature on the battery. From "tropical" to "cold belt", when used in low temperature areas, the battery should be "warm" and "warm-up" work to reduce the rapid rise of voltage. (AOPA Cloud: You Jie)

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