VR records protect cultural heritage Yinshan stone carving, I see it!

The protection of cultural heritage has always been the focus of research in all countries of the world, mainly because the carrying of many cultural heritages is difficult to escape the erosion of time. In particular, some cultural heritages are difficult to balance in both protection and development, and the emergence of VR technology provides an answer to this problem.

On November 25th, VR technology was introduced in Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia, and the Yinshan rock carving site in Geergougou, Qiaokou County, Dabagou and Dripougou was taken on site. VR shooting is to make the Yinshan rock carvings out of the geographical restrictions, vividly displayed on the network, so that everyone can better understand and understand the Yinshan stone carvings, and at the same time can play a better protection.

Virtual reality technology has been applied in digital cultural protection. The Yinshan stone carving in Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia is not the first application of VR in cultural protection, including Yuanmingyuan, Forbidden City, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and many other cultural heritages. VR was introduced for protection.


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