Scientists say artificial intelligence predicts when heart disease people die

British scientists published an article in the Journal of Diagnostic Imaging that artificial intelligence can predict when heart disease people die. Scientists say artificial intelligence can predict when heart disease people die The team of researchers at the London Medical Research Institute at the British Medical Research Council said that artificial intelligence software can detect signs of impending heart failure by analyzing blood tests and heart scans. The research team said that this technology allows doctors to find patients who need more intervention to save more lives. The researchers obtained the above results through the study of patients with pulmonary hypertension. Increased blood pressure in the lungs can destroy some of the heart, and about one-third of patients die within five years after diagnosis. Current treatment methods include injecting drugs directly into the blood circulation system, and lung transplantation, and so on. However, doctors need to know how long the patient can survive in order to choose the right treatment. Researchers entered MRI cardiac scans of 256 patients with artificial intelligence software and blood test results.
Artificial intelligence software measures the movement of 30,000 different points in the heart structure for each beat. Combining the above test results with the patient's eight-year health record, artificial intelligence software can discover which abnormal conditions can lead to death. Artificial intelligence software can predict the situation in the next five years, predicting that the accuracy of the survival of patients after one year is about 80%, and the accuracy rate of doctors for this prediction is 60%. The researchers said that the software allows doctors to determine treatment options for specific patients and can make the best decisions about treatment intensity. The scientists hope that this technology will also be used for different types of heart disease patients, such as patients with heart disease, to determine whether to use pacemakers or other treatment methods.

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