"Bile" without "biliary" - Astrotec Ascotel AM850 Earphones

As the most unrefined Metaphysics Headphone Forum UID: 16xxx veteran diver, there is no equipment for a few k, and it stays in the stage of commuting listening. In recent years, domestic HI-Fi equipment has made great progress, and various excellent "national broadcasts," "national bricks," and "national aircrafts" have emerged in an endless stream. They have not only emerged in the domestic market but also can "fight" overseas markets and win glory for the country.

Ashcroft can be said to be the backbone of domestic Hi-Fi headphones. Its product quality, color value and workmanship can be said to be an industry-leading standard. The English name Astrotec=Astro+Tec (Universe+Technology) is very foreign, Chinese name in the "Cui" feels very cordial and earthy ... (Hahaha, I can't edit it). Closer to home, say the headset: As AM800's follow-up model AM850, inherited the solid wood elements, the new unit in the resolution up and down a lot of effort, the cavity replaced by a higher density of sandalwood, can effectively avoid the bad resonance, With the specially designed internal cavity, the standing wave can be minimized. Astrid AM850 also specifically applied for Hi-Res certification.

Hi-Res certification is a product standard that is proposed by SONY and is mainly certified and authorized by the Japan Audio Association. i At that time, Sony had designed a Hi-Res logo for the needs of market promotion, and to make it easier for consumers to distinguish products that support HD music specifications such as 192K/24B. All Sony products that have been affixed with this small golden label on behalf of the product represent a wider frequency response than ordinary audio products, and can restore ultra-high-frequency sounds that exceed the 20KHz frequency limit of the CD format. Later, Sony took into account that this is ultimately a sign of the company itself. On the one hand, it lacks credibility. On the other hand, it is only because SONY promotes itself to play. So Sony found the Japanese Acoustic Society (JAS) and the Consumer Electronics Association of Japan (CEA) and authorized this sign to manage them.

AM series is a pure moving coil earplug, mainly in the tuning, with warm sound.

Packing is very good, the logo in the lower right corner is prominent

The pattern is the outline of the 850

This is a lanyard, not a pull handle. I pulled it and found it was not a drawer-type packaging.

Is open

It's very clean and comfortable

Accessories family portrait, compared to some models and brands to buy accessories to send earplugs, accessories can not be considered rich, but it is sufficient to meet the requirements.

For the first time I saw the metal storage film, it was a good workmanship. The M number was already on the earbuds.

Aviation adapters are very low for me.

Various earmuffs

The texture of the carrying case is very good. The long is more like a card case. The 850 wire is very strong and does not seem to be too much needed.

The shape of the earplug itself is a very traditional dynamic ear in the shape of the ear.

The outer shell of the AM850 is made of aluminum alloy. The surface is first brushed and then anodized, and the end of the cavity is made of rosewood (Côte d'Ivoire). The role is to reduce the secondary reflection at extremely high frequencies in the cavity.

Inside the duct there is a dust-proof metal mesh.

The L-shaped plug has a metal housing with a company logo.

Translucent wire is said to have added stretch-resistant Kevlar fibers and antioxidant Teflon materials. The advantage is the durability, but there are also drawbacks, that is, the stethoscope effect is more obvious (a bit unbearable when not fixed).

A small hole was found at the dividing line, much like a microphone hole. Personal speculation: A callable version will be launched in the future.

Earhook: Since I once plugged a mouthpiece in my ear on a bus and was mistaken for hearing impaired children, I was a bit resistant to this type of wearing.

There is only such a small letter to distinguish between left and right.

Wearing an instance is still more comfortable.

The following is installed 13 times:

Listen: Audition Equipment:

CD recording, to some extent, is currently the best music carrier.

Audition tracks:

CD section (Computer corresponding to lossless format):

Wu Diqing: Chaoyunyuyu

Jacky Cheung: She is as far away as her husband Li Xianglan

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé: Barcelona

Chinese folk music: high mountains and water boats sing late

Wang Luobin: Half moon climbs up

Tsai Chin: No emotion

Shin Orchestra: If

Mobile part: (lossless download from 80 forums):

Eason Chan is better than not seeing

California Hotel Master Edition


Li Xian Ji - Marriage

T-ara No.9

Evaluation equipment: Since it is designed to follow sound, then try it with a mobile phone.

The three major operating systems include an antique CD player and a USB sound card.

Yan Yan thin ring:

Listening experience:

For many headsets, to strengthen the low frequency, to achieve the "moving times" feel is even popular style earbuds, but I understand the pop style is like Goethe headphones, low frequency is not a head, it does not sound tired, three The frequency is relatively balanced, it doesn't necessarily hold the big programming, but listening to some songs is a headset that can shake you involuntarily.

After three nights with FM radio, he began to compare and listen. The AM850 uses tan wood-based tuning to remove some of the high-frequency band sounds, making the overall sound "warm" or even "slow." I feel a bit similar to the "intimate machine" feeling in the amplifier. This is why I wrote "bile" without "bile" in the title.

Listening is a very subjective thing. The following are just my personal feelings. Plus, the language is not very good, and some of the adjectives may use words that are not good enough. Please also try to see the officer Hai Han (take a lighter shot).

Compared to the sound of the sound of the Ti, the sound of the sound of the Ti, the sound of the Ti, the AM850's resolution is not as good as the Ti, the details are not so clear, but in the sense of hearing AM850 is more comfortable and more "loose", can not listen for a long time tired. Ti, I usually feel tired when I listen for more than 1 hour.

The AM850 and SR80 are also very different styles, although both are popular. The SR80 sounds like a young man. It is more "young" and has a feeling of tension. The AM850 is a "middle-aged uncle." It is quite a sense of "honor and dishonor is not lost to see the flowers before the court." Of course, because the positioning of the earplug itself is not high, although the atmosphere is atmospheric, but the background is still somewhat inadequate, showing a sense of low-frequency volume is very full, but very slow, can not reach the SR80 kind of feel comfortable.

The AM850 face the original iPhone6 ​​earplugs, to remove the difference in their own style, it can be said that a comprehensive rolling, but this is also the case, the price is so expensive.

AM850: 16 ohm impedance, 110dB/mW sensitivity, should be a good push earbuds, the front end does not seem too picky, I use the phone (HTC 8x do not open built-in beats monosodium glutamate sound, evil sound), USB sound card, integrated Sound card and cd player tape (with CD, lossless and high code rate MP3), in addition to integrated sound card sound is significantly worse than a level, the other front-end effects are basically the same, there is no need for thrust and TI SR60 there is a big demand for Happening. The AM850 is really designed for mobile devices.

AM850 listened to Tsai Chin and Wu Diqing can be said to complement each other. The warm voice of AM850 is very suitable for the cold afternoon in Jiangnan recently. The effect is excellent. Here I can't help but think of the “Tsai Chin” special box that was promoted by “short songs” a few years ago... However, for songs like the Chinese folk music, the orchestra, and Li Xianji, which are relatively cool, their voices are obviously warm. The AM850 is not very suitable; there are electronic music like T-ara No.9 is not appropriate, slowing down its own rhythm, the song becomes neither fish nor fowl.

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé: Barcelona's song, I took it out and said it. I listened to it several times. What can I say about it? The AM850 is a little bit split. The soprano sounds a bit more gorgeous, but the violin is slightly different. Worse, the sound is a bit dragging, the drums are rumbling and scattered, but sometimes it will be very good. It is a little bit beyond my understanding, but also ask for guidance.

Eggs: I handcuffed, took the iron p to s to raise the line to the AM850 to try it, the result was completely ineffective, but also greatly degraded the sound quality, watching dynamic and moving iron is different, can not play transformation. to sum up:

The Ascott Tsui AM850 is an earplug with its own style. As with the "bile machine," it belongs to partial students with obvious strengths and obvious weaknesses. The music is soft and warm under its interpretation. Listening to the AM850 is "poisoning." Whether the user likes such a tuning style determines the evaluation of the Ascott Tsui AM850 rather than the quality of the earplug itself.


Style is obvious.

Excellent workmanship, packaging, accessories, and design are all good.

Wear it comfortably and you can hear it for a long time without knowing it.


The style is obvious (yes, it's both advantages and disadvantages, mainly for people).

Although the earphone wire is durable, it has a strong stethoscope effect and commuting is a test.

There are only 2 small letters to distinguish between the left and right, it is difficult to distinguish under dark light conditions (in the middle of the night you must use a mobile phone photo).

Suggestions for Improvement:

To improve the wire sheath, the personal effects of braided skin and rubber sheaths have a weak stethoscope effect.

Just like a brand, add a small section of cannula or other touch mark on the right side of the earplug so that you can “blind” it.

Since the splitter already has a small hole, quickly take out the wheat version.

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