VR Olfactory Peripheral Vaqso Completes $600,000 Financing for Better VR Experience

[PChome Gaming Channel Report]: Japanese startup company Vaqso has been developing VR peripherals and hopes to give users a better immersive VR experience. Vaqso has brought scent-specific emission accessories and fans that can sense airflow to VR headsets, and releases different odors based on different variations in VR. Recently, this Tokyo-based Vaqso received 600,000 U.S. dollars in financing from the Japanese venture capital firm Weru Investment. Vaqso will use this financing to develop odor accessories for HTC Vive, Oculus, and PS VR heads. Vaqso hopes to collaborate with advertising, film and game companies in the future, and to integrate odor technology with VR content. By inserting commands in the VR content, developers can trigger Vaqso's device to automatically release odors under certain conditions at an appropriate time, bringing a better gaming atmosphere for users. Vaqso is not the only company in the world that provides an olfactory sensory experience for VR through external devices. In 2015, FeelReal launched a mask that triggered the sense of smell and allowed the user to experience the feeling of breeze.