Stanford plans to add 467 LED flash street lights next year

Recently, Stanford City saved energy due to its high-efficiency and practical General Electric (GE) LED lamps and will receive a grant of USD 357,000 from the Connecticut State Government. And the City of Stanford will continue to shift its strategy to use Universal Lighting (GE) strobe lights, which will save the city an annual savings of $146,000. According to reports, Stanford plans to use this grant to increase the installation of 467-inch general lighting (GE) LED flash street lights next year.

“The new LED street lights have made an important contribution to the sustainable development of Stanford, and the cost containment allows us to use more and more beautiful and satisfying lamps to light our beautiful streets.” Nancy Pipicelli said Stanford City Public Utilities & Energy Manager said in an interview, "We have seen several manufacturers, only general lighting (GE) strobe lights in color temperature (4300K), color rendering index, light source consistency, reduce glare Quality is the best."

In view of the energy effect and the fixed-award-conservation program, Stanford has successfully used General Electric (GE) LED ERM luminaires to replace more than 1,000 high-pressure sodium lamps on the main street. It is said to be the largest LED street light installation in Connecticut.