LED glare flashlight that can be used as an electronic watch

brief introduction:

Editor's note: Electronic products are on the market in abundance, and a variety of novelty gadgets emerge in an endless stream. Today, this flashlight with timing function has been found in the Ali market. Its unique and novel usage is unbelievable!

With electronic watch function _5LED glare flashlight

1. The light is good, the white natural light, look more comfortable, protect the eyes

2. Five high-brightness LED lighting, brighter and protect eyesight

3. Less power consumption, using three 7-cell batteries

4. Save money, this LED small book light uses 3 7th battery, longer and more affordable

5. Many functions, not only can be placed on the desk, bedside as an emergency light, nighttime flashlight (home travel essentials)

6. Stylish design with electronic timing makes it more convenient to use (with a low-pitched ringing function)

New foreign trade color box export packaging, color can be blue, yellow (personal recommendation yellow to be good)


This product is a multi-functional fashion portable lighting fixture that integrates flashlight, power failure emergency and timer. Using 5 new LED bulbs as the light source, the consumption of electrodes is saved, and the three No. 7 dry batteries can work continuously for more than 50 hours (90% energy saving than traditional lamps); the timer standby works continuously for more than one month; durable, bulb life 10 years is not bad; and the light color is close to natural light, it is an excellent eye-protection illumination source.

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